The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

After an explosive end to the first episode, ‘The Boys’ raises the stakes tenfold in the second one. All of the characters find themselves in tight spots, trying to wriggle their way out of the tricky situations in which one wrong move could mean death for them. As the show peels the layers to reveal some secrets, it also adds more shocking twists to the story. Here we try to decipher what the ending means and where it could take the story.

The Boys Season 3 “The Only Man in the Sky” Recap

The episode begins with a recap of The Deep’s experience with The Church of the Collective. His memoir, Deeper, is being adapted into a TV series, and it looks like his popularity is on a steady rise. A-Train tries to rebrand himself to bump his popularity. Meanwhile, Homelander struggles for power as Starlight takes over as co-captain. Soon, he is also deprived of whatever comfort he found in Stormfront. While he is busy preparing for his big televised birthday event, she bites off her own tongue and dies in the hospital.

Still trying to process the truth about Victoria, Hughie decides to look into Red River. He goes it alone when Starlight is caught up in Homelander’s birthday event. He discovers that Red River is a place for superpowered children who were orphaned, mostly due to their own powers. He also discovers the connection between her and Stan Edgar, confirming our suspicion that the two of them had been in cahoots all along. He shares this information with Annie, who is reconnecting with an old flame named Supersonic.

Unaware of Victoria’s secret, Butcher goes on his own mission to uncover another truth. He pays a visit to Gunpowder, while Frenchie and Kimiko meet Crimson Countess. The duo’s mission turns out to be a failure, but Butcher succeeds in finding a thread to follow.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 Ending

After the encounter with Gunpowder, Butcher becomes sure of the fact that the Supe is hiding something about Soldier Boy. However, he also realizes that he isn’t capable of fighting him all alone. A message from Ryan melts his heart and he starts to consider if he should now turn toward a more peaceful way of life. But, a phone call with Hughie changes everything.

Hughie had been trying to handle things by himself, but we all knew he couldn’t do it without Butcher. When he discovers that Butcher is on the edge of giving up on the fight, he gives him another reason to stay. He tells him everything about Victoria Neuman, which convinces Butcher that the entire system has been rigged by Vought and no one can do anything about it, not even the government. This makes him all the more adamant about finding out the secret weapon that can kill Homelander, and he is ready to do whatever it takes.

To fight Gunpowder on his own, he injects himself with V-24. This gives him powers similar to Homelander’s, making him practically invincible. Butcher beats the truth out of Gunpowder and discovers that someone close to home might have the answers he seeks. It turns out that Soldier Boy died in Nicaragua in a mission that was being undertaken by the CIA. What’s even more shocking is that their handler at the time was none other than Grace Mallory.

Though Butcher succeeds in finding the next piece of the puzzle that’ll lead him to Homelander’s destruction, taking V-24 might not turn out so well for him. Though Edgar had assured Robert Singer that V-24 was ready to use, he admitted that they were still “ironing out some kinks”. Maeve, too, told Butcher that she has no idea how the compound might affect him. Its effects are supposed to last for only 24 hours, but we’re yet to see how those 24 hours are going to be. From the looks of it, Butcher still needs to get a hang of how to control such immense power, and before he learns that, he might end up hurting others.

Speaking of hurt, Homelander is still reeling from the death of Stormfront when someone publically pokes him about it. By now, the Supe is fed up with apologizing to everyone over and over again, and in the end, he decides to speak his mind about it. He rants out about how he is being blamed and hated for being superior to others. All of the anger that he had been bottling up inside for more than a year bubbles to the surface. His words leave everyone shocked, and with his ratings already going down, it looks like another PR nightmare is around the corner. It looks like he might finally lose whatever love he had left from his fans. And that poses an interesting question: what becomes of Homelander when he has nothing to lose?

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