Will Big Sun Die in The Brothers Sun?

In Netflix’s action series ‘The Brothers Sun,’ Bruce Sun proclaims that he is going to kill his father Big Sun when he learns that the latter has asked his brother Charles Sun to put an end to the youngest one’s life. Bruce, however, misses his father’s vital organs while shooting him to make sure that the latter doesn’t die. Since he has a good heart, Bruce doesn’t want to carry the guilt of murdering the man who gave him life. Still, Big Sun’s life is under threat. Before leaving for Taipei, Taiwan, to become the Dragon Head of the Jade Dragons, Eileen “Mama” Sun makes sure that her husband will suffer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mama Sun’s Revenge

When Bruce decides against killing Big Sun, the Sun patriarch must have believed that he can remain under the custody of the FBI and SGPD with his life unharmed. Mama Sun then surprises him with an insulin shot to make him suffer. As a nurse, she alters his chart and labels him as diabetic so that he will receive regular insulin injections. Since Big Sun doesn’t have diabetes, the shots make him weak, affecting his major functions such as speaking and mobility. Insulin administration, when it is excessive, can cause brain damage and even death. Therefore, his life is indeed under threat.

Considering that Mama Sun has emerged as the supreme leader of the Jade Dragons, she will be able to make sure that Big Sun is receiving regular insulin shots. It is unlikely that she would want to show any mercy to her husband since he didn’t even inform her about her sister’s death. Big Sun built his crime empire on the sacrifice of his wife. If she hadn’t moved to the United States with adequate “insurance” for him, Big Sun wouldn’t have been able to become the most powerful Red Pole of the Jade Dragons. In return, he only gives Mama Sun more pain by trying to kill Bruce.

Thus, Mama Sun may want Big Sun to die slowly, suffering each day. Since Big Sun’s return to health will threaten her plans to establish herself as the Dragon Head of the Jade Dragon, she may not want to take any risks concerning her husband. Using her newly garnered resources as the head of one of the most influential crime syndicates in the world, she may be able to oversee the gradual decline of Big Sun’s health until he dies one day due to brain damage caused by hypoglycemia, a result of the excessive insulin administration. But will it be that easy for Mama Sun to issue a death sentence for Big Sun?

Yuan’s Loyalty

The post-credits scene of the series depicts Yuan learning about the FBI and SGPD’s case against the heads of the Jade Dragons, including Big Sun. Yuan has been a loyal servant of the Sun patriarch for years. That can be also the reason why he seemingly rushes to the United States from Taiwan once his master ends up in the custody of the authorities in a hospital. As the right-hand man of a former Red Pole, Yuan may be able to pull some strings to safeguard Big Sun from the vengeful wrath of Mama Sun. Since the show ends with Yuan’s smile, he most likely has a plan concerning his master’s fate.

Although Mama Sun aims for the Dragon Head, it is uncertain whether she will be able to possess the position. The Jade Dragons are nothing but severe traditionalists. It won’t be a surprise if they decide against accepting her as their supreme leader. Even though she has the best enforcer in Charles, who accompanies her to Taipei, Mama Sun may not be able to hold onto her position hurting every Jade Dragon member who opposes her authority. If that’s going to happen, Yuan may succeed in taking advantage of the predicament. He may lure the opposition members to Big Sun’s side to rescue him from the authorities.

Yuan may put a plan in place to kill Frank Ma, the most essential part of the case the FBI and SGPD have built against the triad members. If Yuan and his potential allies can ensure that Ma won’t speak against Big Sun, the officials will be forced to free Big Sun. In addition to saving himself from death, the Sun patriarch may even try to reclaim his position in the Taiwan crime scene, which is currently held by Mama Sun.

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