The Brothers Sun Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Netflix’s action series ‘The Brothers Sun’ ends with a post-credits scene that depicts the mysterious appearance of a pivotal figure as far as the Jade Dragons are concerned. The person is none other than Yuan, the right-hand man of Big Sun, the gradually dying patriarch of the Sun family. Yuan seemingly lands in the United States from Taipei, Taiwan, because the SGPD and FBI arrest several leaders of the Jade Dragons with the help of Alexis Kong. Alexis and the federal bureau build a case against the wanted mobsters after capturing them amid the triad meeting, forcing Yuan to leave Taipei for Los Angeles! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Yuan’s Arrival and its Consequences

Yuan arrives in Los Angeles after Bruce Sun makes sure that his father Big Sun gets arrested. After the arrest of Big Sun and the other triad leaders, Eileen “Mama” Sun tries to become the Dragon Head as she heads to Taipei to lead the secret society. Since Yuan is the right-hand man of her husband, there’s no way Mama Sun will trust the former, which explains why he lands in the City of Angels. Yuan may want to release Big Sun from the custody of the law enforcement bureaus for the latter to return to Taipei and regain his position as a Red Pole of the Jade Dragons.

Yuan learns that Alexis and the FBI built their case against the Jade Dragon leaders with the help of Frank Ma, one of the pivotal triad heads. Since Ma’s potential testimonies are essential for the bureau to incriminate Big Sun and his allies, the authorities have been hiding him without disclosing his location to likely even top officials. Upon coming to know about this significant piece of information, there are two ways in front of Yuan to serve his master. Either find Ma and kill him to force the officials to release Big Sun or rescue the Sun patriarch from the authorities’ custody to scare Ma.

Even though Mama Sun replaces Big Sun as the supreme leader of the Jade Dragons, there can be still people who owe their lives and service to Big Sun. Yuan may take advantage of these people to hurt Ma. If he can prevent Ma from testifying against the Jade Dragons, including Big Sun, the FBI and SGPD may be forced to release the arrested triad leaders. Big Sun may return to Taipei to reclaim what Mama Sun captured from him. Charles may once again question to whom he is loyal, specifically when Mama and Big Sun will possibly wage a war against each other.

If that’s not the case, Yuan may try to rescue Big Sun from the hospital, which can be an easier task for him. Big Sun’s escape from the federal bureau and SGPD may send shockwaves among the officials and the arrested triad leaders alike. When Ma agrees to testify against the leaders of the Jade Dragons, his only demand is the death or arrest of Big Sun. He knows that the Sun patriarch will ensure his death if the latter remains a threat. Big Sun’s escape will likely make Ma silent in the court, severely affecting the FBI’s case against the Jade Dragons.

If Yuan succeeds in serving his master, Mama Sun’s life may get threatened as Big Sun will likely seek vengeance. The triad heads who will return to Taipei can be vengeful as well, especially since the Sun matriarch invited them to Los Angeles for the triad meeting that resulted in their arrests and the deaths of their allies. Furthermore, Alexis’ dreams will possibly get crushed as she has been hoping to climb her career ladder with the case against the triad heads.

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