The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 Recap

After many ups and downs in Part 1 of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, you wonder how bumpier can this ride get. Well, the Part 2 takes it a notch higher and delivers some crazy moments for the teenage witch. Starting with the love lives, after her break-up with Harvey, Sabrina gravitates towards Nick. Harvey and Roz realise they like each other, and Susie accepts her identity as a boy and changes the name to Theo. Zelda makes Father Blackwood take their relationship further and he asks her to marry him.

It also comes to light that Blackwood wants to change the ways of the Church of the Night with the old-school, misogynistic ways. He comes close when he turns the Church of the Night into the Church of Judas. But his schemes become menial where larger events start to shape the world.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 Recap

The Prophecy

One of the most important parts of Sabrina’s story is the prophecy about her. In the first part, Ms Wardwell mentions it time and again. It is her sole purpose to push Sabrina towards it. To make that happen, she makes Sabrina exorcise a demon, cross over to the limbo, and perform a miracle like bringing back someone’s eyesight. We know that it has something to do with the Apocalypse (obviously!), but the exact nature and purpose of the prophecy isn’t completely revealed until the last couple of episodes of the second part.

Harvey and Theo discover an altar with Sabrina’s image in the mines while trying to kill the woman in white. Just by the looks of it, it is clear that Sabrina is the Herald of Hell. Further investigation reveals the prophecy where a footnote mentions the rise of a half-witch who performs certain tasks. Upon their completion, she would let the Dark Lord walk the Earth in his original form. Then they would open the gates of hell and let all the demons loose on Earth. As the world burns in hellfire, the Dark Lord will rule the world with the half-witch by his side.

The Mandrake Spell

The final task in completing the prophecy is sacrifice. The half-witch has to sacrifice herself. Sabrina doesn’t come to know of it until its too late. As soon as she realises that she is the key to the Apocalypse, she decides to let go of her witch powers. In order to do so, she has to let out the powers from her body into something else and then destroy it. That’s where the Mandrake spell comes into play.

With the help of Ambrose, Sabrina performs the spell in which she has to pass on her powers to the mandrake, which would gradually take her form. As soon as the transfer completes, the double has to be killed. However, when the mandrake does change into Sabrina, Ambrose falls asleep and fails to kill it. This leads them to believe that the spell didn’t work. Meanwhile, the mandrake goes around as Sabrina. It even tries to change Harvey, Roz and Theo into mandrakes.

When they finally catch-up with the double, Ambrose realises that it is far too powerful for Sabrina to kill by herself, especially without her powers. So, he suggests an alternative- the good old gunfight. Because the mandrake is still new to the world, it lacks strategy and cunning. Sabrina cheats and kills it. With her powers gone, she believes that she has averted the prophecy, but soon realises that it is the opposite.

The Dark Lord

Finally, the Dark Lord gets to emerge from Hell in his true form and prepares to take over the world. While he finds some servants (and clothes!), the Spellmans, Nick and Ms Wardwell try to come up with something that can protect Sabrina from him. Lilith reveals that she had met the Dark Lord when she had been wandering the Earth and it was in Greendale where he had fallen from heaven, which is why the town is so rife with creepy and weird stuff.

Harvey, Roz and Theo are also let in on the situation. They offer to help and go to the mines to find out the Gate of Hell to stop it from opening. With the help of Roz’s cunning, they figure out the sigils necessary to keep the gate shut and succeed in the nick of time. In the meantime, Sabrina meets with the Dark Lord and it is revealed that Edward Spellman is not her father. Satan is. Also, Nick had befriended her because the Dark Lord asked her to do so. With the betrayal weighing heavy on her, she focuses on the ways to stop the devil. Lilith helps them, but the plan doesn’t work.

Just when it seems like there is nothing they can do, Sabrina is reminded of her father’s Acheron Configuration in which he had imprisoned the demon, Batibat. They use it to imprison the Dark Lord, but he is too powerful for that. In the end, it is decided that a human body is needed to keep him in a bind. Sabrina steps forward, but Nick states that he is better at it and lets the Dark Lord inside his body, imprisoning him within himself with a spell.

With Satan out of the way, Lilith takes over as the Queen and takes Nick with herself to Hell. She gives Sabrina her powers back, without having to submit to anyone for it. With Father Blackwood out of the way (he runs away after the Dark Lord ascends, and he also poisons the rest of the coven), Zelda decides to take over as the High Priestess. The real Ms Wardwell is allowed to return as herself. Prudence and Ambrose decide its time Father Blackwood paid for his sins and go after him. Sabrina plans to bring Nick back with the help of Harvey, Roz and Theo.

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