Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Episode 7

Remember the time in ‘Game of Thrones’ when you thought that all was going well for your favourite characters and that after all the setbacks that they had survived, they were finally coming around to receive a win, but then they died? The penultimate episode of Part 3 of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ feels exactly like that. It seemed like the writers were on a killing spree and they murdered every character that they could think of. It wouldn’t really be a spoiler if I told you everyone dies. But hopefully, death is not as permanent for the residents of Greendale as it was for the kings and queens of Westeros.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Episode 7 Recap

In the last episode, things started getting better for Sabrina and Co. Agreed that there were still some problems, but it was nothing that the witches couldn’t find a solution to. However, things took a turn when Ms Wardwell shot Zelda at her doorstep. In ‘The Judas Kiss’, all the other pieces in the game start falling too.

With Hilda in Cain’s pit and Zelda’s soul stuck in a limbo, Sabrina and Ambrose can do nothing but wait for their aunties to wake up on their own. They come up with an unorthodox way to refuel their energies, but before their powers can be put to any use, Sabrina is called back to Hell. It turns out that the Dark Lord has separated from Father Blackwood, but before he can kill Lilith for betraying him, he comes to know that she is pregnant with his son. With the promise of a male heir, the Dark Lord allows Lilith to live for a few more months.

He returns to Hell to set everything back in order, however, with the ongoing competition for the regalia, there is nothing he can do but to let the final round take place and see who emerges as the winner of the throne. In the final task, Sabrina has to locate the 30 silver coins of Judas. She receives some help from the Dark Lord, but Caliban has some tricks up his sleeves which make her task difficult.

Meanwhile, in her limbo, Zelda meets with Hilda, and Edward shows them an alternative way that can not only rejuvenate the power of the coven but also help them against the pagans. Father Blackwood conspires with the pagans to kill the entire coven. The pagans try to capture Harvey, Roz and Theo, as the final night of the carnival approaches and they have a sacrifice to make to their god whom they want to bring back on Earth.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Episode 7 Review

With just one episode left to conclude this part of Sabrina’s story, ‘The Judas Kiss’ does an excellent job of slaying all the heroes, leaving almost no one to come to the rescue of anyone. Once again, ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ delivers a fast-paced episode with an edge of the seat moment around every corner. You know that things won’t end so bad for all the characters you have come to love so much, but this episode makes it clear that perhaps everyone is expendable.

There have been deaths before in the show, but there has rarely been a bloodbath as bad as this one. The defeat of the heroes and the sudden rise of all of their enemies, all at once, only makes us more excited for the finale. How can Sabrina and her friends possibly find a way out of this? You find yourself going back to the previous seasons and trying to dig up anyone, any character who might have appeared in passing, to serve as the dues ex machina.

Whether or not a blast from the past drops in to save the day, we can expect someone who is already in the game, preferably by villain, most probably the Dark Lord (or maybe even Caliban) to take charge of the battle against the pagans and everything else that stands in the way of the witches. There have already been too many casualties, and the final episode might increase the body count significantly, but hopefully, it is on the opposing side.

If anything, we can take this episode as the preview of what is to come in the final episode of Part 3. For sure, Sabrina will rise again, and the death of her friends and family will not let her rest until she has had her own fill of blood. Maybe, it is time that we saw the dark side of her in all its glory.

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