Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Finale

After the apocalyptic penultimate episode, Part 3 of ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ allows the protagonist to, once again, rise up to the occasion and save all the realms single-handedly. The “god helps those who help themselves” thing applies on Sabrina as she has no one left to call out for help. Both her aunties are dead, all her friends are dead, she has lost the crown of Hell to Caliban who managed to steal it from under her nose. Not just does he take the spoils right out of her hands, but also freezes her in stone. But Sabrina isn’t the one to bow down, even if she seems to have lost the fight.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

After stealing the coins of Judas from Sabrina, Caliban freezes her in stone, alongside Lucifer and Lilith. With him as the King of Hell, he ascends to the Earth to fulfil his wish of turning it into the tenth circle of Hell. He could have accomplished this task pretty easily had Earth still been under the rule of mortals. While Hell was waiting for its next ruler to take their rightful place on the throne, the pagans sacrificed Harvey to resurrect that their own god. This led to the death of Theo, Roz, Robin, Nick and every other person in Greendale.

Caliban fought the pagans but lost the fight against the old gods and was crushed. Following this, the celestials descended into Hell and wiped it clean, officially closing Hell’s business. Now, the Earth is under the rule of the pagans, and the mortals have turned into some sort of plant zombies that find the survivors and offer their blood to the Green god. Meanwhile, Ambrose has been hiding in the mines, protecting himself from the pagans through some basic spells. But he is too alone and too helpless to do anything about the whole situation.

Sabrina, all this while, has been frozen in the ninth circle of Hell, waiting for someone to come and get her out of there. To her surprise, it is herself that she finds as her rescuer. At first, it is complicated for her to understand how that could have happened, but the manipulation of time makes everything clear. Picking up some unlikely allies on the way, Sabrina arrives back in Greendale, only to find out that everyone she ever knew and loved is gone.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Episode 8 Review

After the ruthless slaughter of one character after another in the previous episode, ‘Sabrina Is Legend’ starts with cleaning up the mess. Of course, when so many main characters die all at once, you know that the way to bring them back has already been mentioned in the story. ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ had been preparing for the ending since the first episode of this part and uses one of the things that had appeared early on and not used much after that to become the rescue tool for the people of Greendale.

Like every other episode of the show, this one too jumps right into the action and has the protagonist running from one place to another, solving one crisis after another through her quick wit and sharp presence of mind. Because she is so caught up in solving all the problems that had spawned exponentially while she was in Hell, fighting for her crown, it also makes sense that she forgets to cross off one or two things from the list. The places where she slacks are what set the ground for the next part, and give us a glimpse into something that has been teased throughout this one.

Despite the victories on almost every front, the ending is still bittersweet, at least for some characters. The circumstances also allow the show to go back to the one detail from the story of Sabrina that hadn’t been exploited yet and was something that fans had been theorising about since the very first episode of the show. It is also something that could perhaps, finally, come into play when it comes to showing the evil, or at least, the darker side of Sabrina.

The finale allows the witches of Greendale to have a fresh start, now that they have found a way to be completely separated from the Church of the Night. They have left behind the Dark Lord, but this isn’t the last that we’ll see of him. Sabrina has decided to split her responsibilities as the monarch of Hell and the teenager of Greendale, but the time will come soon when she will have to choose one over another, and it might not be so easy to deal with the next time around.

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