The Christmas Listing: Filming Location and Cast Details

‘The Christmas Listing’ is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy film that centers on the enemies-to-lovers relationship of Julia and Chad. Julia Rogers and Chad Everett hate each other and are at constant loggerheads as rival real estate agents. Herb and Donna are an old couple who own and run the Farmstead Inn but are now looking to sell the property and retire. They want to sell it to someone who will love and care for their farm as much as they did for many years.

To this purpose, Herb and Donna invite a few realtors to live as guests at the inn for a week before Christmas, hoping to choose the best one out of the pool. With both Julia and Chad competing for the listing, sparks are bound to fly, especially when they spend some time together and realize they have more in common than they initially thought. If you’re curious to know where the ‘The Christmas Listing’ was filmed and who is in the cast, you’ve come to the right place!

The Christmas Listing Filming Location

Lifetime’s made-for-TV movie was filmed entirely on location in the state of Minnesota. Principal photography was completed in February 2020. Here are more details about the specific location where ‘The Christmas Listing’ was shot!

Isanti, Minnesota

The main location for shooting ‘The Christmas Listing’ is the Erickson Farmstead in the town of Isanti, Minnesota. The exact address for the rustic-style farmhouse is 1376 261st Ave NE, Isanti, MN 55040. In the movie, Chad and Julia are competing to land the listing for the local farmstead and have to stay there for a week to convince the owners to pick them as their realtor.

Therefore, most of the film is set on the farm itself and almost all the scenes were shot at the Erickson Farmstead.The historic 1915 farm, set on 40 acres of land, is owned and run by Dennis and Julie Davis, who host absolutely enchanting weddings and tastefully rustic parties there.

The movie’s cinematographer Kyle Moe once attended a family Christmas party there, and that’s how the production team picked the Erickson Farmstead as the filming location. Here’s another behind-the-scenes picture from the Instagram account for the gorgeous venue.

The Christmas Listing Cast

Lexi Giovagnoli plays the role of Julia Rogers. Lexi has previously acted in lots of TV movies such as ‘A Very Charming Christmas Town’, ‘Pride and Prejudice, Cut’, and ‘Christmas Break-In‘. Playing her leading man Chad is the very good-looking Travis Burns, who has also acted in ‘Neighbors’ and ‘A Christmas Princess’.

Greg Evigan (‘Melrose Place’, ‘General Hospital’) and Susan Chambers (‘The Frontiersman’) play the husband and wife duo who own the farmstead – Herb and Donna. Also starring in the movie are Rachel O’Connell and LeJon Woods, the former playing Julia’s sister Jena and the latter playing the role of Doug, the third realtor contender for the listing.

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