The Conners Season 3 Episode 3: When And Where to Watch Online?

THE CONNERS - "The Separation of Church and Dan" - When Geena learns that D.J. hasn't been taking Mary to church while she's been away, she insists they go as a family to uphold her traditional values. To make matters worse, Mary refuses to attend without her cousins Harris and Mark, leaving D.J. in the last situation he wants to be in - at the mercy of Darlene. Meanwhile, Mark's attempt to conduct an unbiased survey on the upcoming election for his school project goes south when Jackie volunteers to help, on "The Conners," TUESDAY, OCT. 23 (8:00-8:31 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) LECY GORANSON, LAURIE METCALF, SARA GILBERT

The season 3 premiere of ‘The Conners’ addresses the global pandemic and showcases how middle-class families are tackling the situation — amidst so many struggles. The second episode takes this trope even further by highlighting how the fam reacts when Halloween gets canceled. Mary is devasted and so Darlene and Becky team up with Jackie and the rest of the family to create an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, Mark stresses the importance of wearing a mask. He even gets into loggerheads with a kid at school who does not believe in this practice. We will come to the details of the second part later in our short recap. But before that, here is a brief rundown of the next episode.

The Conners Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘The Conners’ Season 3 Episode 3 is slated to be released on November 4, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT.

The Conners Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers

The 3rd episode is titled ‘Plastics, Trash Talk & Darlene Antoinette’. And here is its official synopsis as outlined by ABC: “Darlene isolates herself from her co-workers at Wellman Plastics, leaving them with the impression she is an elitist snob; Louise decides to teach Harris an expensive life lesson; Jackie is determined to keep the restaurant running.”

Where Can You Stream The Conners Season 3 Episode 3 Online?

‘The Conners’ is an ABC show, so you can watch it with a cable connection. If you don’t have one, head to the ABC site, or ABC app, and stream the episodes, the next day after their tv premiere. Cord cutters can opt for watching the show on DirecTV or YouTube TV. Hulu subscribers can watch it live on Hulu with Live TV, or stream it on Hulu when the episodes become available. Amazon Prime subscribers can purchase and stream the episodes.

The Conners Season 3 Episode 2 Recap:

In the second episode, Mark and Mary are upset when the city’s mayor cancels all Halloween “Trick or Treating” — thanks to the social-distancing and quarantine norms, enforced by the pandemic. Mark, on the other hand, goes on telling everyone that they should wear a mask at all times. He is so obsessed that he gets into conflicts at school since his views differ from those of fellow students. Darlene finds out that Mary is unhappy because she is often all by herself at home due to D.J.’s long work hours, following his promotion.

Without informing or discussing with D.J., Becky and Darlene decide that Mary should move in with during the workweek until D.J.’s schedule stabilizes and becomes more regular. The school suspends Mark after he gets into an altercation with another kid regarding the social distancing protocols for COVID. The Conners gives a pleasant surprise to Mark and Mary by turning their home into a Haunted House. D.J. reaches and is annoyed that Mary decided to stay without him. She replies that she is happier being with her family. Meanwhile, Darlene and Dan discuss their differing views on the present political scenario.

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