The Coyotes Ending, Explained

Developed by Axel du Bus de Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery, Anne-Lise Morin, and Christophe Beaujean, RTBF and Netflix’s ‘The Coyotes’ revolves around a group of teens at Camp Warnaffe who find themselves in trouble after one of them discovers a bunch of diamonds in an underwater cave. Chronicling everything from drug-fuelled romances to vengeful mafia hitmen, the fast-paced thriller traverses remote woods, high-end jewelry stores, and quaint churches as the youngsters known as the Coyotes try to sell their treasure.

As the French-language drama progresses, we are introduced to new and deadly characters, all hot on the Coyotes’ tails. Hearts are broken, confessions are made, and guns are fired — we are on the edge of our seats the entire time. Towards the end, the life of every single character is at risk. If you are looking for ‘The Coyotes’ recap and ending explainer, then you’ve come to the right place. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Coyotes Recap

The series opens with Marc Moyersoen chasing after and shooting a hooded figure. Afterward, he realizes that his safe has been broken into. Later, we see the Coyotes arriving at Camp Warnaffe, which is owned by Anne-Françoise. Kevin is dropped off by his abusive father and is immediately bullied by his older brother, Doberman. Then, Marc visits Marie, Anne-Françoise’s daughter, but she sullenly states that she has no knowledge of her boyfriend Toni’s whereabouts; in fact, she’s upset by his radio silence.

At night, Kevin goes to the village and runs into Marie; she offers him a psychedelic drug. The two visit a quarry lake, enjoying their trip and romantic attraction. Kevin goes swimming in an underground cave and finds a handful of diamonds. Later, Ferret finds the diamonds in his friend’s weed pipe and Kevin confesses that he plans on keeping the treasure he chanced upon. Ferret and Kevin visit the cave and find the dead body of Toni Valentini, which Kevin in his intoxicated state had thought was a mermaid. Horrified, they decide to weigh his corpse down with rocks and drop it into the lake.

Marc visits Dona, Freddo, and Angelo and informs them that their brother Toni is missing, possibly because he is absconding with the diamonds. We find out that Marc is supposed to move the diamonds to Antwerp for Mrs. Kartash from the Sikh mafia. Later, Kevin meets Marie and, to his horror, finds out that Toni is her ex-boyfriend.

When Toni’s body resurfaces, Kevin and Ferret hide it in the woods. However, the Coyotes finally find out about Kevin’s diamonds. After a heated discussion, they decide to pawn the diamonds and split the money, much to the chagrin of the religious Panda. Meanwhile, Marie continues to fret over the identity of her father. The Coyotes, excluding Moose, decide to go to Antwerp to sell the diamonds. Meanwhile, the police chief Martine, who is secretly dating Father Julek, grows increasingly suspicious of Marc and the Valentinis.

Unfortunately, one of the jewelers that Kevin visits, using Toni’s ID, is Banshali, who works for Mrs. Kartash. Kevin finally sells the diamonds to Werner van Aiken; however, his friends get attacked, leading to Ferret viciously punching the man to guarantee their escape. Marc finds Banshali and chokes him after getting information about Kevin/Toni. Later, Ferret kisses Kevin and confesses his romantic attraction towards him whilst a drunk Panda calls Father Julek to confess her sins.

At night, Kevin betrays the Coyotes and flees with the money, determined to start a new life with Marie. However, he is unaware that Marie has been kidnapped by Marc, Dona, and Freddo because they believe that she conspired with Toni against them. Amine, Mrs. Kartash’s right-hand man, finds Banshali and gets the necessary information about Marc. Meanwhile, Dona and Freddo torture Marie in their basement, convinced that she is the mastermind and not their brother.

At the same time, the Coyotes catch up with Kevin. A violent argument erupts, and Kevin outs Ferret. The Coyotes decide to hide the money in the forest and Marie manages to free herself from Marc’s clutches. Later, the Valentinis realize that Toni isn’t involved in the diamond heist. Then, Mrs. Kartash asks Amine to kill Werner and Marc. Meanwhile, Marie finds out from her mother that Father Julek is her father. Dona and Freddo kidnap Kevin and he is forced to lead them to Toni’s decayed body. The Coyotes and the Valentinis bury Toni in the woods.

The Coyotes Ending: Who All Die in the End? Is Martine Dead? Is Ferret Dead?

Marc convinces Amine to doublecross Mrs. Kartash. Then, the two proceed to kill Dona and Freddo; Angelo accidentally shoots himself. Marie forgives Kevin for hiding the truth about Toni, and the Coyotes distribute their earnings. At the police station, Amine kills Martine by breaking her neck. When Doberman goes to complain to the cops about the Coyotes’ money, Marc and Amine hold him hostage. Father Julek and the Coyotes offer to meet the two goons at church and give them money for Doberman’s release.

At church, all hell breaks loose. A statue of Jesus falls on Marc, killing him. Amine stabs Ferret and chases after the others, who have the money. However, a bus smashes into Amine, instantly killing him. The Coyotes rush back to Ferret; Father Julek asks them to go back to camp, which is shutting down, as he will protect them all from the cops and the criminals. Surprisingly, Ferret is not dead and actually makes a miraculous recovery. Most of the Coyotes leave Warneffe feeling happy and at peace.

Although Martine is dead, Father Julek manages to do the honorable act of saving the teenagers, who needed an adult’s guidance. Additionally, the loss of Martine gives Father Julek and Marie a chance to establish and explore their parent-child bond in the face of sorrow. On the other hand, Marc and Amine’s death ensures the end of the chaos caused by the diamonds.

Do Kevin and Marie End Up Together? Does Kevin Stay in Warnaffe or Go Back Home?

Although it initially seems as though Marie will not forgive Kevin for hiding Toni’s body and stealing his identity, she eventually realizes that his decisions were driven by a desperate need to escape his abusive household. Not having a father figure herself, Marie understands Kevin’s complicated relationship with his father. Towards the end, we see Kevin and Marie kissing each other and promising to see each other soon. Kevin decides not to stay back because the town needs to absorb the shock of Martine’s death and Marie needs time to process the identity of her father.

However, as the camp bus starts driving away, we see Kevin changing his mind. The bus stops, and Kevin gets down, along with Doberman (surprise!). It seems as though Doberman has realized that his own aggressive behavior was due to their cruel father. Wanting to start their lives afresh and away from their father’s terrible influence, the two brothers walk balk to Warnaffe. Thus, Kevin and Marie end up together and the two brothers heal their relationship as well.

Who Finally Gets the Diamond Money In the End? Who Stole the Diamonds in the First Place?

Towards the end, when Amine is hit by a bus, we see the sack of money he was about to pick up fly into the air and fall into the river underneath the bridge. Although the Mongoose is tempted to go after it, the Coyotes decide to leave the money alone as it has brought them nothing but trouble. In the show’s final scene, we see the sack of money resting against the riverbank, waiting for an unsuspecting passerby to find it. So, in a stroke of comically divine justice, nobody gets the diamond money in the end as everyone committed crimes to obtain it.

The plot of the show is entirely pushed forward by the diamonds and those chasing after them, and so it makes sense to trace the treasure’s journey. We know that Marc initially steals the diamonds for Mrs. Kartash, to be sold in Antwerp. However, Toni and Marie make plans to rob the diamonds and run away to Brazil, where she wrongly believes her father is.

However, when Toni steals the diamonds and flees, Marc shoots him dead — this is the first scene of the show. However, it seems as though Marc is unaware of who he has killed as he continues to believe that Marie and Toni have the diamonds. Marc, already evil, commits a series of heinous crimes as Mrs. Kartash and Banshali put pressure on him to retrieve the diamonds.

Later, Kevin steals the diamonds from Toni’s body and the Coyotes help him sell them in Antwerp. Amine kills Werner and obtains the diamonds — his death indicates that the jewels will end up with the police. The Coyotes split the money amongst them, but it changes many hands — from Freddo to Marc to Amine — before ending up in the river, in the hands of nobody.

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