Where Is Netflix’s The Coyotes Filmed? Is Camp Warnaffe a Real Place?

‘The Coyotes,’ also known as ‘Coyotes,’ is a French-language thriller series that revolves around an eponymous scout group visiting Camp Warnaffe. Things take a terrifyingly exciting turn when the drug-fuelled teenagers come across a cave laden with diamonds. As the Coyotes wonder what to do with their discovered treasure, their friendships take a toll due to their differing moral stances; meanwhile, external threats looking to sell the diamonds loom menacingly.

Developed by Axel du Bus de Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery, Anne-Lise Morin, and Christophe Beaujean, the limited series stars Louka Minella, Dara Tombroff, Steve Driesen, and Victoria Bluck in pivotal roles. The show originally aired on the Belgian television network RTBF and gained a worldwide audience after Netflix acquired the exclusive rights to distribute it internationally. Fans enjoyed its intriguing premise, reminiscent of ‘Outer Banks’ and ‘Riverdale.’

Moreover, the scenic backdrops of the show convincingly portray the charm of summer camps and the joy of adventuring with friends. From chopping up firewood to swimming in deliciously cool quarry lakes, the series touches upon all the important activities of a scout group, perfectly setting the stage for the unexpected violence about to descend upon them. If you were wondering about ‘The Coyotes’ filming locations, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Coyotes Filming Locations

‘The Coyotes’ is set in the forested region around the fictional Camp Warnaffe located in Luxembourg. However, the series was filmed in two primarily French-speaking countries, Belgium and Luxembourg. Specifically, the town of Schieren in Luxembourg was an important filming locale. According to several reports, filming of the show commenced in August 2020 and wrapped up by late 2020/early 2021. Let’s take a closer look at these particular filming locations.



‘The Coyotes’ was filmed in Belgium. Known for its German, French, and Dutch-speaking populations, the country is also appreciated for its rich cultural history, chocolates, ancient architectural marvels, and mouthwatering waffles. Two of the show’s production companies, Panache Productions and La Compagnie Cinématographique, are based in Belgium as well.

In particular, the Lites Water Stage and Film Studios, located precisely at Fabriekstraat 81, 1800 Vilvoorde, was where several important scenes of the show were filmed. The studio is known for its top-notch underwater sets and the scenes involving Kevin and the others swimming were shot here.

Schieren, Luxembourg

‘The Coyotes’ was also filmed in the commune and town of Schieren, located in the canton of Diekirch in Luxembourg. Whilst Diekirch is known for its brewery and proximity to the Sauer river, Schieren is known for its lush greenery and scenic small-town atmosphere. Additionally, one of the show’s production companies, Les Films Fauves, is based in Luxembourg, which is one of the smallest countries in the world and also the neighbor of Belgium.

In particular, the town’s Château de Birtrange is important to the show as it forms the backdrop of Camp Warnaffe. Located on the banks of the river Alzette, this ancient castle, believed to be constructed around the year 1775, is a national monument frequented by campers, cyclists, and picnicking families. We understand why the production team chose this place, considering its quaint appeal.

By filming in Belgium and Luxembourg, ‘The Coyotes’ manages to maintain its local aura and present its complex characters against beautiful backdrops that heighten the thrill and the suspense of the plot. Azure lakes, dewy grass fields, and beautiful quarries certainly go well with hidden diamonds and gun-wielding criminals!

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