Preview: The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 7

The latest episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is called ‘Seaing is Believing’. The Laginas stumble across a stone roadway, located under the swamp. They trace the track and it leads the team out to sea to investigate how far it goes. So are you done with episode 6 yet? If yes, you must be wondering what can unfold in the future. For some more insights, let us check out what the 7th episode has in store for viewers.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 7 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 8 Episode 7 is slated to air on December 22, 2020, at 9/8c on the History Channel. The upcoming episode is called ‘Mounding Evidence’.

Where to Watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 7 Online?

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is on the History Channel, so the easiest way to see it is with a cable connection. With the help of an existing subscription, you can also head to the History Channel site, and stream the episodes. Cord cutters have plenty of options available like Directv, Fubo TvSling Tv, and Philo Tv, to live-stream the latest episodes.

If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can watch up to Season 7 of the show, and there is a good chance that Season 8 will be added to the platform as well, once it finishes airing on the History Channel. Amazon Prime users can always buy and stream the show’s episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 6 Recap:

During the last season of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, we had seen the historians explaining to the Laginas that there is a geometric figure in Nicolas Poussin’s paintings, which might lead the team to the buried treasure. Apparently, this figure is similar to a treasure map. And in this season, the squad discovers a line that begins from Jerusalem, passes through Versailles, and culminates at Oak Island. The team is convinced that the Knights Templar had dug up Solomon’s treasure, comprising the Menorah, which might have been transported to North America for safekeeping. And the burial site could be Oak Island.

In episode 5, Erin gives more fuel to the theory by interpreting the ancient Zena Halpern’s map — which hints that there are “strategically” placed boulders, which leads to the Money Pit. And in the 6th episode, Erin returns once again to give more inputs on the aforementioned theory. On the other hand, the team makes a strange discovery that leads them to more clues. They find a hidden stone roadway beneath the swamp. Surprisingly, the road leads to the sea. Was it used by seafarers to unload treasure and hide it somewhere on the island? Episode 6 does raise many more questions but it does not give us full-fledged answers. We hope the future episodes will shed more light on the discoveries!

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