The Dangers in My Heart Episode 2 Recap: I am Dead

In ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ or ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ episode 2 titled ‘I am Dead,’ Kyoutaru’s murderous intent for Anna grows as he gets annoyed by her strange antics. But quite paradoxically, he continues to shower her with his support from the sidelines. When one of his classmates makes a mistake during the cultural festival preparation, Kyoutaru even goes as far as taking all the blame.

Kyoutaru Saves His Classmate

At the library, Kyoutaru hides behind the bookshelves observing Anna from the distance. He knows that she is the prettiest girl in the school but wants to kill her the most. Kyoutaru believes that the world today is built on lies and it is his responsibility to do something about it. Unbeknownst to his stupid ideas, Anna is simply enjoying her time at the library eating the neruneruneru sweet candy. When she realizes she needs water to fully enjoy it, she rushes to fill the small water holder that she has. Unfortunately, she keeps spilling all the water by the time she returns to the library door. Kyoutaru notices that she is making a mess and voluntarily wipes all the water on the floor.

Anna notices this and apologizes claiming that she planned to do something about it once she was done. Kyoutaru feels that the best way for her to fill the small water cup without spilling it and reach her seat will be to bring a glass from the home economics room. But with only a few minutes left for the lunch to be over she obviously does not want to climb another floor. Therefore, Kyoutaru himself goes to the lab above and comes back with a water glass only to learn that Anna has used a bowl instead. This only increases his desire to kill her.

On one hot summer day, a group of boys notices that Anna is sweating profusely. They come up with the idea to use this opportunity to see her bra but Kyoutaru ensures that they do not succeed in their twisted plans. Later that day at the library, Anna asks him for his hand fan and notices that it smells quite nice. When Anna invites Kyoutaru to check for himself, he gets sufficiently close to her to accidentally notice her clothes which are all wet at this point. But when Chihiro comes looking for her, Anna makes Kyoutaru sit in her seat while she hides under the table to avoid her. However, she later comes out voluntarily when Chihiro praises her presumably aware of the fact that her friend is there.

Since the cultural festival is coming, Kyoutaru’s class is busy with preparation. He is given the responsibility to help Honoko with the artwork related to the haunted house that the class plans to create. When the painting of the tombs is done, a student notices Anna’s family name is mentioned on it. To protect others, Kyoutaru takes the blame on himself and claims that it was he who actually made the mistake. But luckily Honoko gets there on time and clarifies that it’s her fault. She did not single out Anna as she was just using common surnames, which turned out to be true. Yamada realizes that Kyoutaru protected Honoko and threw himself under the bus for the sake of someone else.

Which Exhibition Won At the Cultural Festival?

Kyoutaru secretly follows Anna and her friends everywhere they go on cultural festival day. He notices that they always walk on the ground and it is almost impossible to approach Anna directly. However, a group of guys asks the girls if they would like to spend the day with them. The girls are excited and readily agree to the proposal. Kyoutaru seems insecure and continues to follow them around.

When the group suddenly stops moving forward, Kyoutaru realizes that he cannot simply walk behind now. Therefore, he enters an adjacent class and when he comes out, he is unable to find the group for a moment. He feels that they could not have possibly gone far, and that’s when Anna approaches him from behind. She asks Kyoutaru whether the exhibition held in the class that he came out of was good. Since he has just used it to avoid getting noticed, he is also completely clueless. It turns out that the name of the exhibition there is Our Town 80 years ago.

Kyoutaru and Anna both go inside and take a look at the huge map that pictures the city as it had been eight decades ago. Anna appears quite intrigued by it and tries to find her house by using different landmarks. She also asks Kyoutaru whether he could find his place on the map or not. Interestingly, when he pulls out his phone, Anna takes it from him and takes a selfie with Kyoutaru. Later it is announced that the Our Town 80 years ago actually won the top prize at the cultural festival.

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