The Dangers in My Heart Episode 3 Recap: I Want to Hug You

In ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ or ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ episode 3 titled ‘I Want to Hug You,’ Kyoutaru visits the nurse’s room as he is not feeling good and ends up meeting Yamada there. Later the boys in his class play a perverted trick to figure out the sex positions that the girls like. Although Kyoutaru has always wanted to kill Yamada, after a few encounters he starts doubting his resolve as a strange feeling starts to confuse him.

Kyoutaru’s Classmates Play a Perverted Game

Kyoutaru visits the nurse’s room as something inside his head is driving him crazy. Since he does not have a fever, the nurse asks him to take rest for an hour and then return to his class. But when he is there, he notices the shoes belonging to Yamada. He tries to tell himself that they probably belong to the boy from another class. However, when the nurse leaves he can’t help but check the adjacent bed after removing the curtains and realizes that Anna is there just as he had suspected.

Anna also wakes up soon afterward and reveals that she has stomach pain. When she learns that something is wrong with Kyoutaru’s head, she assumed that he is in pain and hands him medicine. Yamada leaves moments later when Kyoutaru is eating the medicine and forgets to take her t-shirt with her. When the nurse notices it, she tells Kyoutaru to return it to her.

Later that day at school, the boys in the class come up with the idea to play a perverted personality game with girls in which they try to figure out the sex positions that their classmates like. Although Kyoutaru wants to stop them and hates the whole idea, he eventually does nothing. Luckily, the girls themselves figure out what they are up to later on and Yamada does not have to play the stupid game. But when she is at the library, she notices one of her candies is missing.

Kyoutaru is also there and is still not over the game that the perverted boys tried to play with the girls. He feels that the whole game is just stupid but when Anna notices that he is standing there with clenched fists, she decided to check if she has the missing candies that she is looking for. Based on the rules of the game, Kyoutaru concludes that Yamada likes to be on top during sex even though he has just told himself that the whole idea was nonsensical and stupid.

Does Kyoutaru Like Anna?

Although Anna usually does not play basketball, she goes to spend some time at the court since she has a photoshoot the following day and she wants to lose as much as possible. Meanwhile, Kyoutaru continues to keep a close eye on her. At this point, he already knows more than enough to put his murderous intent into action. But a strange feeling that he is unable to explain continues to hold him back.

As he is lost in his thoughts, he notices that Yamada is also watching him. But before the staredown could last longer, Anna gets hit in the face by a basketball after which her nose starts bleeding profusely. Everyone rushes to help her and then she is taken to the medical room. Kyoutaru knows that he should not get himself involved in this situation but he can’t help himself and follows Yamada.

When he is listening to the conversation between the doctor and Anna, he also hears the coach telling Kobayashi to head back to the class and get her friend’s uniform and bag. In order to avoid getting caught, Kyoutaru hides under the table and his eyes fall on the cotton that the doctor has been using to stop the bleeding. When the coach lets Yamada talk to her mother, she starts apologizing for getting hurt as she knows that she has a photoshoot the following day.

Interestingly, Kyoutaru also starts crying alongside her and at that moment it finally hits him that he likes Anna. The following day, Yamada arrives at school just like any other day and when she cries while talking about her ordeal with her friend, Kyoutaru realizes that she is far more mature than others in the class. Although he has wanted to kill Anna before, he now always looks after her and has also slowly come to terms with the fact that he actually likes her.

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