The Dangers in My Heart Episode 8 Recap: I Hate Yamada

In ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ or ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ episode 8 titled ‘I Hate Yamada,’ Kyoutarou helps Chihiro with studies that appear to make Yamada a little jealous. Anna meets his mother for the first time and the two get to know each other. Kyoutarou gets sick after helping Yamada, so she pays him a visit after school.

Kyoutarou Gets Jealous

One ordinary day at school, Yamada’s friend touches her inappropriately and she gets a bit annoyed. She then draws a sketch on the blackboard to tell her what kind of touches are appropriate between friends. Later Kyoutarou uses the excuse to clean the board to check the sketch and understand what Yamada thinks. During the lunch break, he helps Chihiro with her studies and it appears to make Anna a little jealous as he has never done the same for him.

On the parents-teacher meeting day, Yamada waits for her turn with her mother. She then realizes that Kyoutarou’s mother is sitting next to her and the two get to know each other. When Anna meets him in the library later that day, she expresses her curiosity to learn more about his relationship with his mother. Kyoutarou notices that she has kept candy on the table and realizes that a teacher is standing a few meters away from them.

Since Anna has already been warned, if she is caught with the candy she may get into trouble. Kyoutarou tries to alert her by whispering in her ear, but she gets embarrassed instead. Luckily, he is able to hide the wrapper on time. Later that day, Kyoutarou meets Yamada again as he is cycling back to his house in the rain. He drops her off but later realizes that she left her bag on the cycle. Although he manages to find her again and returns her stuff, Kyoutarou gets wet in the rain and falls sick the following day.

Does Yamada Pay Kyoutarou a Visit When He Misses School?

Since Kyoutarou does not go to school, he decides to relax at home and give himself time to recover. As he is watching TV, someone rings the doorbell. At first, Kyoutarou does not feel like responding and decides to ignore it. But when the visitor tries several times, he finally goes to check. Kyoutarou is surprised to see Yamada at the door. It turns out that the students were given strawberry Bavarian cream during lunch that day and she thought it will be a good idea to bring some for him.

Naturally, Kyoutarou is glad and invites Anna to his house for tea. But when Yamada is finally in the hall, he starts to panic. As he puts the water to warm for the tea, he realizes that he is wearing casual clothes. Therefore, he tells Anna to wait while he goes to change. He is still in a hurry and a bit panicked when he reaches his room. He removes his t-shirt and starts looking for clothes that she should wear.

In all the chaos, Kyoutarou forgets the fact that he is unwell. He starts feeling dizzy and all of a sudden collapses on the floor. Meanwhile, Anna is waiting for him in the hall. When she realizes that Kyoutarou is taking unusually long to come back and is not responding to his calls, she decides to go and check in his room. There she finds him lying unconscious on the floor and immediately tries to wake him up. She takes him to his bed and tries to dress him up.

Kyoutarou starts waking up but is still confused and feels that he is probably dreaming. As he is quite weak, he falls into Anna’s arms, and the two remain quiet for a few minutes. Kyoutarou falls asleep one more time and when he wakes up, he realizes that his mother has returned. Anna has left a note for him in the hall, wishing him to get well soon. Kyoutarou had suspected earlier that he was dreaming but the note and the strawberry Bavarian cream change his mind.

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