Where Was The Decline Filmed?

Inspired by “end-of-the-world” conspiracy theories and the nationalist rhetoric, director Patrice Laliberté first came up with the idea of penning down ‘The Decline.’ With themes revolving around eco-anxiety and paranoia, the movie is about a bunch of wannabe survivalists who gather at a camp after believing that something bad is about to happen. However, little do they realize that the real threat is in their camp itself.

With its short runtime of 82 minutes, the film maintains a very tense atmosphere and along with that, even its snowclad desolate backdrops perfectly reflect on the film’s dark themes. If you’ve already seen it and you’re starting to wonder where it was filmed, read on further to all about its filming locations.

The Decline Filming Locations

‘The Decline’ was first released at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma on February 28, 2020. It was then released worldwide on Netflix in March 2020 in 32 languages. In order to make sure that the English accent of francophone Quebecers was accurately represented in the film, all the original actors of the movie dubbed their own voices.

‘The Decline’ was primarily filmed in Matawinie which is a regional county municipality in the region of Lanaudière in southwestern Quebec, Canada.

Matawinie, Québec, Canada

The production company that worked on the film, Couronne Nord, had first received only $125,000 from Téléfilm Canada. This, for obvious reasons, was initially not enough to produce the entire film but it allowed the production company to create a legit pitch to Netflix. After being approved, Netflix decided to fully fund the project.

All the events of the film take place in the north of Quebec where a man from rural Nord-du-Québec, named Antonie, travels to a survivalist camp after being convinced that a natural disaster will happen. The director of the film, Patrice Laliberté, also posted a picture from the sets of the film. Check it out below.


In an interview, director Patrice Laliberté commented on the short runtime of the film by saying that there’s never a dull moment in the film. The longer the film, the more footage it requires and the more it costs to produce it. He knew from the beginning itself that he will never have millions of dollars to produce this film, so he had to plan accordingly and stick to a very limited runtime. Adding to this, he also claimed that when he himself goes through movie titles on Netflix, he rarely settles for a particular movie and instead, he just takes one look at the poster and skips ahead. So in order to make sure that his movie stands out in some way among the plethora of movies that are there on the platform, he made sure that runtime gave it a unique edge.

Marie-Evelyne Lessard, one of the female leads of the film, also posted a picture on her official Instagram. Check it out below.

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