The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 6 Recap: End of First Trimester

In ‘The Dreaming Boy is a Realist’ episode 6 titled ‘End of First Trimester Commemoration Parfait!’ Wataru gets the invitation to join the Moral and Discipline Committee. But when he refuses to accept the offer, he is bullied by it’s members, who are adamant that Wataru should join him. Later, he finds a boy named Kota being bullied by teenagers and decides to save him. That’s when he meets and become friends with his sister, Sasaki. Later when Kaede learns that Wataru has been getting the offer to join the Moral and Discipline Committee and he is unwilling, she asks him to become a member of the Student’s Counsil instead.

Wataru Gets Bullied

At the school, Wataru meets the members of the Moral and Discipline Committee, who appear to have an important topic to discuss with him. It turns out that they have always struggled to convince boys to join them, so they really want Wataru to be with them. But it turns out that Wataru has no interest in joining the Moral and Discipline Committee, so he decides to decline. This does not go well with the members of the comiittee, who go on to bully him for not accepting the invitation.

The following day, Wataru goes to the used bookstore where he works and takes cares of his duties quite diligently. While doing his shift, he notices that there is a young boy who is getting bullied by a bunch of middle-schoolers. Naturally, he immediately goes to help him and shields him from his bullies. He then learns that the boy’s name is Kota and contacts his sister named Sasaki. Wataru is shocked to learn that Kota’s sister is a beautiful woman, who is exteremely grateful to him for everything he has done.

Does Sajou Join Student’s Council? How Does Sasaki-san Thank Him?

One morning as Wataru is eating alone at the dinner table, his sister suddenly walks in and asks him to make the regular meal she has. He is surprised that his sister woke up so early even though it’s the summer break time. He tells her that he gets paid well working for the paid bookstore shop. Furthermore, he is not expected to work overtime and has a much better work-life balance. The conversation then turns toward the school tour since Kaede is preparing for it as a member of the Student Council.

This reminds Kaede that Wataru got an offer to join the Moral and Discipline Committee. She is curious about her brother’s relationship with Shinomiya but he clarifies that it’s more of a big sister and brother bond. Kaede wonders if Wataru will join the committee especially since they have wanted to increase the number of male members for such a long time. Interestingly, the weight of the burden is too heavy and he should simply avoid it. That’s when Kaede invites him to join the Student Council.

It turns out that Kaede trusts her brother with responsibilities and feels unsure about anyone else. Wataru feels that he is a nobody and should not take responsibility but Kaede argues that he is really good at administrative work, which makes him eligible for the job. As she walks back to her room, Kaede wonders if she is serious about what she said. His decision to join or not join the council hangs in the balance in the meantime.

Later that day, Sasaki comes to the bookstore to meet Wataru again. It turns out that she actually feels indebted for what Wataru has done for her brother. The two discuss college and school life with each other and get to know one another better. In order to thank him, Sasaki gives Wataru a give to express her gratitude. Because of his stand against the bullies, Sasaki’s brother was able to start playing again and was not traumatized by the bullying.

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