The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 7 Recap: Sajou Makes a Gift for Aida

In ‘Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha’ or ‘The Dreaming Boy is a Realist’ episode 7 titled ‘You Know, Female College Students Are Seriously Amazing,’ Sajou and Sasaki meet each other and make a plan to visit a gift shop at the beach. Interstingly, Aika and Kei also have similar plans on the same day. When Sajou visits the shop, he decides to make a gift for Aika since her birthday is coming. Naturally, this leads to a conversation about his love life and Sasaki learns that he was in love with someone who never loved him back despite his best efforts.

Sasaki and Sajou Visit the Beach

While Sajou is working at the shop, he is interestingly approached by Sasaki. He wonders if she was going to college but learns that she is actually on her way to the library and just decided to stop by so that she can have a conversation with him. Sajou notices the bracelet she is wearing and realizes that she made it herself at a shop near the beach. He is quite surprised to learn that Sasaki is still very close to her father despite being a college student. Sasaki then tells Sajou all he needs to know about the handmade jewelry shop and even shows him the website of the store.

The two end up making a plan to go there together. On the day of the visit, Kei and Aika also planned to go to the same beach unbeknownst to Sajou. Aika also has her younger sister with her. Kei stops by Wataru’s house and tries to invite him but learns that he is not home. Later that day, Sasaki and Sajou spend some time at the beach and then visit the shop. Since Aika’s birthday is coming, Sajou decides to make a handcrafted gift for her, and Sasaki also learns that he has someone special in his life, although they may not be in a relationship.

Do Aika Find Out About Sajou’s Outing With Sasaki? Is Sasaki in College?

While working on his handcrafted gift for Aika, Sajou’s eyes fall on Sasaki’s photo with her father that is framed on the wall. She is wearing a school dress in the photo, which makes Sajou question if she likes to cosplay. Interestingly, Sasaki reveals that she is just wearing the school uniform from middle school, which shocks Sajou as he has assumed that Aika is a college student. He tries to come to terms with the shocking reality but cannot wrap his head around it.

Sasaki appears somewhat interested in Sajou’s love life and asks him if he has given up on the person that he has loved for years. Wataru makes a sad face and confesses that he has. Sasaki is curious and inquires if he had given his best and Sajou replies in the affirmative. He feels that she will only understand what he is going through once she has fallen in love herself.

Sometime later, Aika and others arrive at the craft shop. However, they are sadly informed that the shop is closed now but they can still have a look around if they want. Interestingly, they do not notice Sajou’s photo with Sasaki on the wall and leave the shop a little later after exploring the jewelry there. They later have lunch on the beach, and that’s when Aika feels that she saw Sajou walking on the street with the girl

However, she gets distracted momentarily after Kei arrives there and when she looks back the duo are gone. She later concludes that she probably just imagined it. Sasaki and Sajou take the bus back home and end up having an interesting conversation. As Sasaki falls asleep on Sajou’s shoulder, he has finally noticed her inner child and also concluded that she really is in middle school. That’s when he gets the group messages from Kei and Aika and learns that he missed a chance to see them in swimsuits.

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