The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 8 Recap: Aren’t You Way Too Guilty?

In ‘Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha’ or ‘The Dreaming Boy is a Realist’ episode 8 titled ‘Aren’t You Way Too Guilty?’ Sajou’s employer finds another helper named Mina for the bookstore. Unfortunately, she is ill-prepared for her responsibilities and does not seem to belong there at all. Sajou tries his best to help her but when nothing seems to work, he ends up having a cruel conversation with her that he later regrets. But to his surprise, Ichinose refuses to take his words to her heart and returns to the bookstore the following day as she has a much bigger reason that is driving her to an independant existence. 

Sajou Help a New Colleague

While working at the bookstore one day, Sajou asks the owner about his future plans as he will eventually quit the job sooner than later. It turns out that the owner has already put a signpost for prospective employees. Interestingly, a young girl named Mina Ichinose soon shows up at the store looking for a job and is immediately hired as the owner knows her really well. However, Sajou does not approve of the decision as he feels that it was not well-thought-out at all. 

It turns out that Mina is quite clumsy and her social skills are even worse. Therefore, she struggles to communicate with the customers properly. Despite feedback, she does not appear to show much improvement, so Sajou eventually tells her that she will either have to show that she is a capable person for the job or learn to live on her parent’s allowances. His words are acerbic and he later regrets it so much that he has to discuss the same with his friends to feel a little better. However, he still thinks that Ichinose will probably never show up after what has happened. 

Why Did Ichinose Not Quit Her Job?

The following day at the bookstore, Sajou learns that Ichinose has not quit her job. It appears to give him some satisfaction and he takes the chance to immediately apologize to her. Unlike the previous day, Mina seems enthusiastic to take responsibility which surprises Sajou. When a customer walks in, she not only handles him well but makes sure that she understands and takes care of every aspect of a good experience customer experience. Sajou is watching her closely and is quite impressed by her effort. However, he is still curious about her reasons to not quit the job and continue working despite all the odds stacked against her.

When it’s lunchtime, Sajou finally gets a chance to have a small talk with her. At this point, he already knows that Ichinose plans to work harder and ensure that she does well. But he eventually ends up asking her about her reasons for being so serious about the part-time job. Sajou really wants to know why she cares so much about it despite being just a teenager. Although it appears that Ichinose is not perfectly telling her story, she still confesses her reasons. It turns out that she wants to become independent but there is obviously more to the story, so Sajou keeps questioning her. Mina then reveals that the reason for her decision is her brother, who is also on the Discipline and Morals Committee.

Mina tells Sajou that she used to be very close to her brother and they got along really well. But then his brother started bringing girls to their home and they started becoming less and less open to each other. This appears to have really bothered Mina as she was not happy at all for drifting away from her brother. One day when she returned home, she saw her brother’s show next to Yuri-san’s shoes. She knew that the both of them were in the room upstairs and she was so furious that she did not care about anything and barged into the room without even knocking. 

Ichinose was shocked to find them getting intimate and that moment really stuck with her. It appears that she wants to become independent so that she can get as far as possible from her brother as the past events have really complicated things between them. Furthermore, she appears to have a really possessive attitude towards her brother, which is not good considering he has started getting into relationships that Mina really does not approve of for no specific reason at all. 

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