The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 9 Recap: Coffee

In ‘Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha’ or ‘The Dreaming Boy is a Realist’ episode 9 titled ‘Coffee. With a Ratio to Milk About 8 to 2. Sugar 1 Teaspoon, Caramel Powder Too, Please,’ Sajou learns Mina’s reasons for trying to become independent and taking a part-time job at the bookstore. Mina later meets Sasaki and the two become acquainted with each other. To everyone’s surprise, Mina’s older brother finally tracks her down and tries to make amends for his negligence. 

Mina Confesses Her Reasons for Working

After Mina finally explains her reasons for taking a part-time job and becoming independent Sajou starts to understand everything. Although he feels a bit conflicted about Mina’s deteriorating relationship with her brother, he still appears to want to support her as much as he can. Wataru starts noticing her at work and realizes that she is putting much more effort now. She now understands every aspect of her responsibilities except for the art of dealing with different customers. Just when he wants to test her, Sasaki-san walks into the store.

Sajou introduces Mina to Sasaki and the former is shocked that the latter is still in middle school. Interestingly, both the girls love reading books. Sasaki seems interested in talking about their hobbies but Mina’s social anxiety makes their conversation uneasy. Wataru came up with the idea to test Mina’s customer handling skills by making Sasaki act as a potential shopper.  

Does Mina Quit Her Job? Why Does Sajou Defend Ichinose in Front of Her Brother?

One day when Sajou is doing something outside the store, he notices Mina’s older brother, Yuu walking towards him. When he sees Mina, he expresses relief that he finally found her and mentions that she made it incredibly hard to track her down. Although Yuu is friendly, Mina does not appear very comfortable and hides behind Sajou. Wataru introduces himself as his sister’s senpai. Yuu is eager to talk to Mina, so he asks him if he would let them have some privacy. Wataru does not feel comfortable doing that as he feels that Mina needs him as a moral support.

The three of them then go to a room where they can talk privately. Yuu appears regretful for pushing his sister away. When Sajou inquires if he is aware of the reasons Mina started working and now wants to become independent, he reveals that he does understand what probably made her upset. Yuu then explains that his sister probably felt neglected as he was giving too much time to his girlfriend, Yuri. However, he then promises that they can again start spending more time together and she does not have to worry about anything.

Naturally, Mina does not feel comfortable with the idea and says that she no longer deserves that position as it belongs to Yuri. Interestingly, Yuu defends his girlfriend and tells her that she is very kind. It turns out that he has already invited her there and she walks in exactly at that moment. Yuri introduces herself to Mina and Sajou. The couple tries to sympathize with Mina’s feelings and also reassure her that she can still spend time with her older brother.

While Yuri and Yuu do seem genuine about their reassurances, Sajou does not feel that it would be okay for Mina to quit the job and return to her old lifestyle. He tells the couple that it is quite natural for girls Mina’s age to start detaching themself to some extent from their siblings. Furthermore, this allows Mina to become independent and self-sufficient which is an essential part of life. She has been finally tackling her weakness and becoming better every day and if she were to turn back to her old lifestyle, all her efforts would be wasted. Sajou’s arguments convince Yuu not to worry about his sister anymore and Mina feels blessed to have someone like her senpai who is constantly looking after her. 

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