The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: The Curse Witch

In ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid’ or ‘Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid’ season 2 episode 12 titled ‘The Duke, Alice, and the Curse Witch,’ Ichi gives Cuff her first lesson. Meanwhile, Daleth’s search for Walter eventually makes her infiltrate the school. This turns out to be a big mistake since Nico thinks that Sade has returned and attacks her immediately determined to kill her again.

Daleth Infiltrate the School

Since Ichi has promised to train Cuff, she takes her to an isolated hall to give her first lesson. Instead of focusing too much on magic, she tries to make sure that Cuff is instead improving the fundamentals of fighting. She teaches her how to not get swayed by the thoughts of victory or defeat and instead be completely focused on the present moment. The class ends with Cuff passing out as the training is intense and Ichi is not very kind to her.

However, Ichi still feels that Cuff has a lot of potential and she is eventually going to do well. Later that day, Daleth infiltrates the school looking for Walter, not realizing that Nico has seen her and has also mistaken her for Sade. Without wasting any time, Nico attacks Daleth determined to kill her. Eventually, Daleth joins the school too after Nico learns that she is not Sade. 

Does Bocchan and His Friends Meet Daleth?

In order to potentially learn something important about Sade, Zain proposes to go into the past with Bocchan, Daleth, and Alice. He is quite confident that it is a safe plan since no one will really recognize Bocchan and Alice. Furthermore, he is taking Daleth too as he wants someone who can help them with Daleth. This seems like a nice plan but obviously, there are risks involved. Bocchan has been concerned about one of them for quite some time and it is the suspicion that Sade has the ability to read people’s minds. If this turns out to be true, it would mean that their plan is a waste of time. 

Bocchan tries to learn from Daleth if she knows whether her sister can read someone’s mind or not, but she does not give a convincing reply. It appears that she is just as clueless. After arriving in the past, Daleth observes everything from the sky. Meanwhile, Zayn calls Daleth in the forest not realizing that it is actually her sister Sade. She immediately turns around and points out that he is from the future, which shocks Zayn. Daleth who has been observing everything from the sky realizes that Bocchan suspicion is quite accurate as her sister can really see the past. 

Elsewhere, Bocchan and Alice are careful not to arouse suspicion and stay away from anyone’s eyes. They plan to regroup with Daleth and Zayn to make sure that they don’t end up having to confront Sade alone. But Bocchan grandfather somehow sees the duo and questions them about their motivations. He appears to somehow trust them and Bocchan gives him the cryptic message to take care of Sharron. Meanwhile, Sade suddenly tries to attack Zayn but it turns out that he has been using illusion magic. He is quickly flown away by Daleth who is worried that her sister might catch up to them.

Zayn opens the time door one more time so that they can head back to the past before Sade finds them again. When he is about to close the door after making sure everyone is back, Sade almost manages to get in with them as well but Daleth attacks her forcing her to stay behind. Her attack appears to shock Sade, who was not expecting it from her sister. Once they are back, Zayn and his friends try to take cognizance of the situation and hope that their actions do not change the present too much. 

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