The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Everyone’s Daily Life

In ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid’ or ‘Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid’ season 2 Episode 6 titled ‘The Duke and Everyone’s Daily Life,’ Alice and Bocchan finally return to the mansion not aware of the fact that Rob has felt really lonely for several days and has started believing that no one cares for him. But his opinion soon changes when the duo shows him the gifts that they have brought for him. Elsewhere, Zain and Cuff decide to go on a date with each other but they are sadly not alone.

Zain and Cuff Go On a Date

Since Bocchan and Alice have been away for several days, Rob spends all his time mansion dreading his loneliness. He feels that he does not really have anyone in his life who really cares for him. When Bocchan finally reaches the mansion, Rob is ecstatic. It turns out that the duo had not planned to stay away for several days but things just turned out in a manner that they couldn’t do much about it.

Rob tries to hug Bocchan in his excitement but the latter reminds him that he could lose his life. Bocchan and Alice have interestingly brought gifts for Rob, which makes him emotional and he feels that he is actually not as alone as he thought he is. Elsewhere, Walter feels that he is getting close to becoming the heir of the entire estate instead of his older brother. But he still wants to make himself look better than Bocchan.

Interestingly, Viola has gained a lot of weight in the meantime. When Walter sees her, he expresses his concern but she appears quite careless. That’s when he mentions that Rob likes girls who are slimmer and manages to convince her to lose weight. The following day, Zain goes on a date with Cuff to a nearby zoo but Hugo also tags along with the couple.

How Does Zain Plan to Help Bocchan? Does Zain Kiss Cuff?

After the date, Hugo finally part ways with the couple hoping that they will get enough time to spend a romantic evening together. But instead of approaching things maturely, Zain is too straightforward and asks Cuff’s consent for physical intimacy in a manner that she ends up slapping him. The duo later ends up in a cave and is stuck there because of bad weather. That’s when the two start talking about time magic. Cuff is curious whether her lover regrets using the time magic to save her.

Interestingly, Zain does not seem bothered by his decision at all and reveals that he cares more about saving her instead of anything else. That’s when he also confesses that he is thinking about Bocchan’s curse as well. He plans to help him by going back in time to make sure that the curse is never inflicted on him in the first place. That’s how he can potentially save him. However, he is unsure whether this whole plan will work or not since he was not able to save Cuff’s parents in the past. Cuff is quite excited to give this plan a shot as she appears to be concerned for Bocchan and Alice as well.

But Zain mentions that going back in time and reversing the curse could also mean fighting against Sade, who is probably one of the most dangerous witches to walk on the planet. But Cuff’s confidence does not waver as she reassures her lover that they will work harder and get stronger. The couple just sit quietly as they slowly fall asleep in the cave but the weather does not change much. It only clears up the following morning and when Zain wakes up, he regrets not being able to kiss his girlfriend. Interestingly, just before they leave the cave, Cuff gives him a kiss as she argues that the two of them may not be able to find alone time later.

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