The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: The Duke, Alice, and the Kissing Widow

In ‘The Duke of Death and His Maid’ or ‘Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid’ season 2 episode 8 titled ‘The Duke, Alice, and the Kissing Widow,’ Viola meets Cuff and the two friends go shopping. Meanwhile, Alice finally gets to see her mother Sharon and obtains the proof that Daleth was not lying. After returning to the mansion, she brings a magical genie lamp to Bocchan. When he is given three wishes, the Duke naturally asks for his curse to be reversed but it turns out that it comes at a terrible cost. 

Alice Finally Sees Her Mother

Excited to watch Cuff perform, Viola visits the circus. She learns from Zain that Cuff is actually busy taming a lion for the next performance. When Viola finally meets her, the two decide to go shopping in the city. She helps Cuff pick a designer dress and offers valuable insight into fashion. After they return, Cuff gives an amazing performance at the circus. 

Meanwhile, Walter, Bocchan, and Alice are still at the church where they had met Daleth. The witch knows why Alice has returned, so she offers to let her see her mother. Walter does not miss any chance to openly showcase his unjustified hate for his brother but Bocchan tries to handle everything as best as he can. He even agrees to let him become the official heir to their estate but Walter is not satisfied.

Eventually, Daleth takes Alice and the others to Sharon. Although she is still alive, she is in a coma state because of an unbreakable curse given by Sade. Daleth creates a simulation of the day when Sharon and Bocchan were cursed but since she does not feel well, they never really find out what escalated the situation to that point.  

Does the Duke’s Curse Get Reversed? Does Bocchan And Alice Kiss?

One ordinary afternoon, Alice greets the Duke with a magic lamp in her hand. It turns out that it belonged to Zain before, so its powers cannot be doubted. After Alice hands it over to Bocchan, she asks him to rub it for the lamp to finally show its true nature. The Duke does as he is told and to his surprise, a real genie comes out of the lamp looking exactly like Alice. It turns out that the genies don’t really have a well-defined form, which is why they decided to imitate Alice’s looks.

The genie gives the Duke three wishes and tells him that they can be anything. Bocchan does not have to think twice as he knows what he wants. He tells the genie to reverse his curse so that he can finally live a normal life. To his surprise, the genie appears to have no problem fulfilling his wish. The Duke is shocked when he is told that he no longer has to suffer from the curse and can lead a normal life. He tests this by touching a flower and it surprisingly does not wither away.

Bocchan is ecstatic but then he learns the harsh reality behind the fulfillment of his wish. It turns out that the genie cannot really break the curse and all it did was pass it on to someone else in the world. As soon as the Duke becomes aware of this bitter truth, his happiness fades. Instead of celebrating, Bocchan uses his third and very last wish to get his initial wish reversed and gets cursed once again. Bocchan tells Alice that he cannot allow someone else to suffer in place of him and live as if nothing ever happened. 

After the genies go away, the Duke appears very gloomy as he is obviously disappointed by the fact that he still has to endure his curse. Alice understands his pain as she has always been there for him. Later that evening, she applies lip balm on her lips to entice the Duke and even asks him for an indirect kiss. Although nothing really happens between the duo then, they do end up kissing with the glass window between them before heading back to their beds to sleep. 

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