The Eddy Ending, Explained


‘The Eddy’ is unlike any other show you might have seen. It is not only aesthetically unique but also walks the delicate balance between story and music. It mixes the jazz of contemporary Paris with the criminal underbelly of the city. Despite its twists and turns, the focus, however, remains on the individual arcs of the characters and how they come together to influence each other’s lives as well as the music.

By the final episode, the show wraps up its storyline by resolving conflicts and giving hope to the audience about the fate of The Eddy. Here, we break down the ending and what it means for the band. If you have not seen the show yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Ending

Elliot is a famous musician who has moved to Paris, leaving behind his glory days in New York after a personal tragedy. He runs a jazz club named The Eddy, with his friend, Farid. One takes care of the creative side, the bands, the musicians, and the standard of it all; the other looks over the finances of the place. This division of business turns out to be problematic when some gangsters show up at the club asking for money. Later, they kill Farid, and this throws Elliot into a current that threatens to sweep away all that he has worked for.

The stories of other characters factor in, and one by one, we come to know about their personal challenges, their relationship with Elliot, the importance of The Eddy in their life, and what they bring to the band. Elliot’s daughter, Julie, also gets mixed into all of this.

The Ending: What Happened with Sami?

In the final episode, the tensions escalate for the group. Katarina comes back, and Elliot realizes just how dangerous Sami is. He talks with Amira about the proposal, and she is as conflicted on the matter as he is. On Franck’s insistence, and in return for re-recording the drums with Katarina, Elliot prepares for his return to the stage. Allison and her husband come to Paris and offer to take Julie back, but both she and Elliot refuse.

In the evening, after trying to stay away from it for so long, Elliot finally takes the stage and plays the song that he had written for Julie. He falters, at first, but when she joins him, the performance picks the rhythm. With the applause ringing for them, a blast in Elliot’s office leads the club to shut down once again. Amira expresses her desire to get revenge on Sami, and Elliot promises to find a way to do that.

He comes clean to the cops about everything and agrees to help them in bringing down the crime lord. He needs to get them something good enough to put him behind bars. Elliot gets this opportunity soon enough when he meets Sami on the new location from where he plans to expand his business. With that taken care of, he returns to the band. Because they can’t play inside the club, they take the show on the streets.

Will The Eddy Open Again?

Throughout the season, the only thing that Elliot wants is keeping the club open. At first, he is focused on the financial problems, but then the secrets of Farid come out. It looks like he got involved in shady deals with dangerous people. Now, he has to keep a balance between the criminals and the cops, both of whom threaten to shut down The Eddy if he doesn’t work with or for them.

In the end, after fighting with a lot of pressure and anxiety, he finally finds a middle ground. The way to get Sami and the detective off his back is to deliver one to the other. After handing over the information about Sami’s new business plan to the police, he has done his part for them. If things don’t go their way, he has a deal with Sami that will keep him and others around him out of danger, even if just for a while.

In any case, The Eddy will surely be back in business. It will be closed for reparations, and till then, the band will have to find some other way or place to keep working. Now that Elliot has established goodwill with the cops, they will not bother them unnecessarily. And because he has made a deal with Sami, he won’t be threatening to tear down the place either. And, if by some stroke of bad luck, some other problem shows up, Elliot will find yet another way around it. After all, if there is one thing that we have learned about him in the course of eight episodes, it is that he will do whatever it takes to keep his dream of the jazz club alive.

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