The Fall Guy: Is Dogs in Space a Real Club in Sydney?

In the action comedy film ‘The Fall Guy,’ David Leitch displayed his love for hand-to-hand combat and gunfights in beautiful nightclubs where the ambiance screams for the opposite. In his quest to locate Tom Ryder, Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) receives a tip from Iggy Starr (Teresa Palmer), Tom’s girlfriend and co-star, to find a man named Doone (Matuse)—identified by a leopard-print tattoo on his head—at “Dogs in Space,” a local nightclub. She advises Colt to don appropriate attire and to resemble Tom.

Wearing a garish neon suit, Colt approaches Doone at the nightclub, where he quickly ends up fighting several of the drug dealer’s henchmen with champagne bottles while contending with the effects of drugs he has been administered. Dogs in Space is a noteworthy establishment in the movie, but it is impossible to experience a night there in real life!

Dogs in Space is a Fictional Club

Dogs in Space is not a real club in Sydney—or even Australia, for that matter. The name of the club is most likely a nod to the 1986 Australian musical film ‘Dogs in Space,’ which is set during the “Little Band” post-punk music scene, featuring INXS singer Michael Hutchence. While the nightlife in Sydney has no shortage of venues that offer popular events and live music, it’s understandable why an action scene cannot be shot in such indoor places, forcing the production department to look for an alternative space. Given the narrow confines of clubs, it’s rather difficult to adjust cameras and light equipment alone, affecting the framing and blocking processes, especially when shooting a full-fledged fight scene.

Matuse as Doone in The Fall Guy

While ‘The Fall Guy’ is extensively shot in real locations in Australia, which includes Northern Beaches, Kurnell, and the Sydney Opera House to name some, when it came to the indoor sequences, Leitch let his production and location departments handle the additional responsibility of setting up filming sets. Fortunately, the crew managed to locate a place that appears to be around Sydney’s Martin Place, where shooting was permissible for a limited period. The crew then transformed the space into a makeshift club for the fight scene.

In a behind-the-scenes video shared by Universal Pictures, the plaza, surrounded by skyscrapers, went through several modifications to resemble the exterior of a nightclub. In an Instagram post, Matuse shared a few behind-the-scenes pictures while expressing his gratitude towards the cast and crew of what’s also his first Hollywood film. The filming wrapped quickly, delivering one of the movie’s funniest scenes. Moreover, the showdown in the club also nods to Leitch’s earlier work in the first ‘John Wick‘ film as well as his 2017 action-thriller ‘Atomic Blonde.’

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