The Full Monty: Do Darren and Silvan End Up Together?

The FX on Hulu (in the US) and Disney+ series ’The Full Monty’ serves as a sequel to the 1997 film of the same name. In the movie, a group of former steel mills workers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, come together to form a male striptease group to deal with their financial woes. The series quickly establishes that even though more than two decades have passed, the government is as apathetic as ever to the problems of the ordinary people. Darren (Miles Jupp) is one of the new characters in the series. In episode 5, he begins an unlikely romance with Silvan (Halima Ilter), a single mother and Kurdish asylum seeker. If you are wondering whether Darren and Silvan end up together, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Darren and Silvan End Up Together?

Yes, Darren and Silvan end up together at the end of the first season of ‘The Full Monty.’ They first meet when Darren goes to speak to her about the loud music, and she invites him to the party at her home and gives him a sausage to eat. Silvan discovers the following day that she, her son Hasan, and their housemates will be evicted as one of her neighbors complained about them. She initially thinks it’s Darren, but he tries to assure her that he has nothing to do with it. As it starts raining, he urges Silvan and Hasan to come inside, but the former refuses.

Darren later catches Hasan shoplifting. As he tries to catch up to him with a shirt in hand, he himself is suspected of the crime. He later speaks to Silvan about this. After learning that they are currently living in a shelter where they have to share their room with other people, he invites them into his home, making his racist neighbors worried.

Unable to quash their curiosity, they come to see whether Darren has indeed brought Silvan and her son back. Darren initially tells them that the mother and the son will be his tenants, just to mock these people’s bigotry. But he soon realizes his mistake and writes a contract for Silvan to be his tenant. As the episode progresses, the two of them grow close. Darren also assumes the role of the father figure in Hasan’s life. Much to his surprise, he finds himself enjoying it. At the start of the season, Darren is shown as a severely lonely and introverted person. The introverted aspect of his personality doesn’t go away, but he does find people to surround himself with, and this includes the erstwhile members of the Full Monty.

Darren learns that Silvan used to be a Kurdish fighter before coming to the UK, and his respect for her only increases after that. However, troubles start to brew when his neighbors invite him to a party. Darren shows up there to be polite and finds his ex, Paula, there. Paula left him before the timeline of the series, and much of Darren’s misery can be traced back to the separation. Paula’s return and the apparent renewal of her interest in her give him a chance to return to what is safe for him. His budding relationship with Silvan gets affected, and she severs all ties with him. Darren eventually realizes his folly and allows his relationship with Paula to have a more permanent end. Despite things ending on a bad note between him and Silvan, Hasan continues to reach out to him, and they converse about almost everything under the sky. 

In the penultimate episode, Darren performs alongside some of the members of the Full Monty during a hostage situation. After Horse’s death, he grieves with the others and volunteers to make a coffin for the man. While he works on the piece, Silvan approaches him, requesting that he stop contacting Hasan. When he tells her that Hasan has been reaching out to him, Silvan realizes Darren’s value in Hasan’s eyes. They reconcile and share a kiss. Darren and Silvan are present at Horse’s funeral, confirming they are now a couple.

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