The Full Monty: What Happens to Chelsea the Dog?

The FX on Hulu (in the US) and Disney+ series ’The Full Monty’ takes us back to Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, and reintroduces us to the members of the Full Monty. 25-26 years have passed since we last saw them, and age has left an imprint on them. Despite this, it seems that all of them have succeeded in holding onto the inherent trait that makes them who they are. For Gary “Gaz” Schofield (Robert Carlyle), it is his roguish charm and approach to life. When the series opens, Gaz becomes involved in a messy situation involving the latest winner of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ a dog named Chelsea. If you are wondering what happens to the dog in ‘The Full Monty,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Chelsea the Dog?

In one of the early scenes of the series, some of the former members of Full Monty converse about the fact that a dog has won Britain’s Got Talent. According to Gerald, this is indicative of what their country has become, though others seem to have a more positive view on the matter. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the town, Gaz’s daughter Destiny steals a car, taking her protesting friend Cal along for the ride. They later discover a dog inside the car. As Destiny is reluctant to take the dog back to her owner, they visit a hill that offers a view of the entire city. Shortly after Destiny takes a photo with the dog and sends it to a friend, she and Cal realize that the dog they have stolen is Chelsea, the one that is now worth millions. They visit Tabani, a local girl with impressive hacking skills. Although she erases the photo from social media just as Destiny and Cal requested, taking their musing seriously, she sends copies of a ransom note to the owner, the press, and the police and spreads other digital copies all over social media.

Now, genuinely panicking, Destiny reaches out to her father for help, who eventually sets up a meeting with the father of the owner. Much to Gaz’s surprise, the man doesn’t want the dog back, asserting that caring for such an animal is too much work. Instead, he tells Gaz to kill Chelsea and leave her carcass at a place where it can be found, promising him five thousand pounds from the insurance money he will receive. In response, Gaz threatens to send pictures of the living dog to the insurance company occasionally, prompting the other man to raise the offer to ten grand. Before he leaves, the man tells Gaz that the offer is valid until the following day.

Gaz definitely can use the money, as his grandson (through Nathan) needs a new electric wheelchair. He seriously begins to contemplate the offer, getting a pellet gun Lomper. Gaz ultimately would not have shot the animal, but Destiny walks into his home while he is pointing the gun at Chelsea. It creates a complication between them that lasts for several episodes. Eventually, Destiny takes Chelsea back to her owner, Lucy. 

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