The Gift Season 2 Ending, Explained

The second season of Netflix’s ‘The Gift’ takes the protagonist and the audience to a parallel world where a different set of challenges and possibilities are opened to them. The show builds upon its mythology, pushing the constraints of time, space, and mysticism, to give a story that becomes more interesting but also convoluted with each step. Once again, the season ends on a massive cliffhanger. Here’s what it means. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

Atiye finds herself in a parallel world where everything is different from her world. Here, Cansu is alive, but she is not her sister. She goes by the name of Elif, which was her original name back in their world. She and Erhan have grown up together and had been adopted by Serdar, who took them in after the death of their parents. Also, in this world, Atiye’s parents never met, which means she was never born. When she meets her father, he is still working as a cop. Her mother, on the other hand, has been institutionalized because she had been talking about all the things that her counterpart didn’t believe in where Atiye comes from. It also turns out that she is the only one who remembers Atiye here. She tells her about her purpose, which is to save this world, where babies are not being born because pregnant women are dying.

The Ending

In the final episode, the two worlds collide as Atiye tries to find the way back to her world. After Serdar shoots Erhan, he takes Atiye with him to find the door at Gobekli Tepe. On the way, he becomes short of breath, which Atiye points out is the karma for him strangling Cansu to death. His condition gets worse, which leads to an accident. Atiye saves him and Serdar starts to reconsider the course of his actions. He also decides to come clean to Atiye about why he had been acting so villainous all along and we start to get some answers.

In the first season, we had discovered that Serdar was talking to someone through the screens of his phone, laptop, and even television. These people were keeping him in the loop about all the mysteries and all they wanted him to do was to discover the location of the door between the two worlds. Because only Atiye knows it, he had to focus all his resources on keeping her around. In the original world, he did so by trying to wed her with his son Ozan. In the second world, he tries this by keeping Erhan close, knowing that she will eventually come looking for him.

While we still don’t know who is puppeteering Serdar, it is revealed that they are an organization. What started only recently for Atiye and Erhan has actually been in the works for a long time. In this season, we also discover that this is not the first time that Atiye and Erhan have fallen in love. From Atiye’s visions, it is revealed that they might as well have been at the beginning of all of it. They could be the Adam and Eve that the stories and the inscription on the stone talk about. The organization knows about them and they also know that Atiye and Erhan can influence the course of events in the world. Not only them, but their child is also an important link in this mystery.

Serdar also tells her that this organization is responsible for the death of pregnant women in the second world. Overpopulation had been destroying the planet, eating away at the limited resources. Too many children were being born, and the world didn’t have enough to sustain them. So, the organization decided to put a stop to it. They did something (though we don’t know what) that led to the babies turning into a poison for their mothers. However, due to Atiye’s role in keeping the balance of the whole world, added to her mystical powers of healing people, she can cure this disease by giving birth to her daughter. She can save the second world from dying, and it is this thought that makes her come back.

After all the difficulties and challenges, Atiye succeeds in finding the entrance to the cave and finds the door to the other world. From the other side, Erhan enters the cave looking for her. They finally reunite in the middle of it, where Atiye tells him about their yet to be born daughter. However, it is at this moment that she realizes that if she goes back to her world, the one that she has left behind will certainly be doomed. Without her, pregnant women will continue to die and there will be no saving anyone. Though it is a difficult choice, it is the one she is forced to make, and after bidding goodbye to Erhan, she goes back to her new world.

Once there, she gives birth to her daughter, which brings us back to the opening scene of the season. Someone kidnaps Atiye’s daughter and she runs around looking for her. It also looks like others believe her to be dead and are grieving for her at her funeral. In the end, it is revealed that it was Ozan who kidnapped her child and seems to have done it on the bidding of the secret organization that his father had been a part of. This Ozan comes from the first world, to which Atiye originally belongs. This Ozan got his father arrested for the murder of Cansu, but after their conversation at the prison, he has come in touch with the organization and has been recruited by them. They had been after Atiye from the beginning and now, they want her daughter. We don’t yet know what their nefarious plans are, but Atiye will have to fight a lot to get her daughter back.

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