The Girl From Oslo Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Developed by Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz, ‘The Girl From Oslo’ (originally ‘Bortfort’) is a gripping and nerve-racking Hebrew-Norwegian bilingual political thriller series. Pia’s sudden trip to Israel takes a wrong turn when she is kidnapped by ISIS with her two Israeli friends. Pia’s mother Alex reaches Israel based on a hunch. She meets her old friend Arik, a member of the ministry. While Alex comes to know of the tragic turn of events, Arik is also in for a shocking revelation. He can deny the truth for only so long and has to act fast to save his political career.

Set in the backdrop of the volatile Israel-Palestine conflict, the intricately woven, lavishly produced, and depicted with a degree of honesty terrorism-themed show has every ingredient to captivate the audiences. Although the story wraps up neatly, you may wonder whether a follow-up season is on the horizon. If this question has indeed cropped up in your mind, let us give you a round-up.

The Girl from Oslo Season 2 Release Date

‘The Girl from Oslo’ premiered in its entirety on December 19, 2021, on Netflix. However, it was released in Israel on April 8, 2021, and Norway on April 11, 2021. The first season packs ten episodes with runtimes ranging between 33 and 36 minutes. Let us now consider the prospects of a follow-up season.

The creators have not divulged anything about a second season, and without a concrete lead, we are bound to stay in the speculative territory. However, it is clear at the outset that the show has gained widespread popularity in the streaming platform since its release. It’s commendable handling of timely and sensitive themes did not go unnoticed. The critics and fans unanimously praised the show for its eye-catching production quality, gripping story, and swaying performances.

The show deals with some sensitive issues. However, its neutrality of depiction saved the show from receiving a polarizing reaction from the viewers. However, the series still has to take a side at the end, making some people turn their heads. Netflix, HOT, and TV 2 jointly produce the show, and the show’s anticipated renewal is ultimately their call. However, considering the show’s budget, Netflix could be cautious before renewing it.

Considering the ending, the first season wraps the story pretty well. After being rescued, Pia and Nadav return to their families. However, when Bashir calls Arif, we sense that Arif’s family and career are still under threat. While the show ends with the minor cliffhanger, the story of the titular girl from Oslo ends in the season finale of the first installment.

Netflix is notorious for abruptly canceling shows following a single season. For example, the Israeli show ‘Hit and Run,’ by the creators of the popular thriller series ‘Fauda,’ was abruptly canceled despite the first season ending with a major cliffhanger. However, if the network cancels ‘The Girl from Oslo,’ it will not come off as abrupt since the first season ends more or less conclusive. After considering all these aspects, it seems highly unlikely that ‘The Girl from Oslo’ season 2 will ever be made.

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