The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 1 Recap: Komura Befriends Mei

In ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ or ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ episode 1 titled ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses,’ Komura Kaede is a middle school boy who wants to get the attention of Ai Mei, his deskmate who he likes. Although he never manages enough courage to approach her, Komura is shocked when Mei starts talking to him herself when she forgets her glasses at home. The mistake later turns into a daily reality when Mei breaks her glasses and starts relying on Komura, who is glad that he can finally get to know her.

Mei Asks For Komura’s Help

Komura Kaede is an ordinary middle schooler who likes his deskmate, Ai Mei. He can’t help but be mesmerized by her natural beauty, and all he wants is to get some of her attention. Although he knows that Mei is a bit weird, he appears to love that about her. But he is yet to gather enough courage to talk directly to her. He often gets nervous and feels that he does not have it in him to hold a conversation with Mei.

But one ordinary day, Komura’s life takes an unexpected turn when Mei approaches him herself. It turns out that she has forgotten her glasses at home and needs his help to figure out which book she is supposed to take out from her bag. Komura gets really nervous and ends up sharing his own textbook. But this only makes things even more challenging for him as Mei playfully sits next to him and reads from his book. As Komura feels shy, he lets her take her book as he cannot fathom getting so close to Mei.

Later that day, Mei ends up wearing someone else’s shoes from the lockers, and Komura notices this. He helps her find her own pair and even ties the shoelaces when he notices that she cannot see properly to do that. When he returns home, he sort of wishes that Mei forgets her glasses more often from now on. The following morning, he learns that Mei has accidentally stepped on her glasses and broken them.

Although Komura’s wish turns into reality, he also feels sorry for Mei. That day at the sports class, Mei decides to play dodgeball despite the fact that she cannot see anything. Komura realizes this and stands in front of her to protect her. Mei ends up hugging her from behind, and she feels so embarrassed that he forgets about the game and ends up getting hit by the ball.

How Does Komua Save Mei in Class?

After the sports class, Komura feels really sleepy and struggles not to doze off during the physics class. Meanwhile, Mei is already sleeping unbeknownst to everyone in the class. When Komura notices her, he initially thinks that she is looking at the book as closely as she can because she has missed her glasses at home. But then she turns her head, and it becomes obvious that she is sleeping and has no idea that she is still in class.

Komura realizes that he must wake her up as she can get into trouble for not paying attention in class. But for that, he will have to touch her, which makes her uncomfortable. Unfortunately, before he can say anything, the teacher notices Mei is probably asleep and calls her name. She is in such a deep sleep that no amount of shouting works. Komura feels that he must do something and decides to raise his hand.

When the teacher pays attention to him, he makes the excuse that Mei has forgotten her glasses at home, which is why she is looking at the textbook closely and is actually not asleep. To his surprise, the teacher actually believes the excuse and simply continues his lecture. When Mei eventually wakes up, she turns to Komura and calls him dad, not realizing that she is in class.

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