The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 10 Recap: The Girl I Like Had a Request

In ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ or ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ episode 10 titled ‘The Girl I Like Had a Request,’ Komura’s classmate suspects that he is probably dating Mie-san. Although he tries his best to ensure that the rumors do not bother her, eventually he realizes that he is so fixated on that idea that he has started neglecting Mie-san.

Dating Rumors Worry Komura

One ordinary morning, Mie-san approaches Komura to discuss mundane events. Komura is in awe of her breathtaking looks and can barely keep his eyes off her. In her characteristic manner, Mie-san comes closer to Komura to have a look at his face, since she has forgotten to bring her glasses. This makes Komura a bit overwhelmed with emotions but he manages to appear natural. 

Unfortunately for him, Someya-san notices Mie-san getting closer and assumes that the duo kissed. Komura tries to defend himself and luckily another girl from the class appears to agree with him. But then she also mentions that they wouldn’t do such a thing in school. This shows that there are already rumors of them dating each other and Komura feels that he needs to make sure that Mie-san does not get bothered by them at all. 

When Mie-san meets him again, he makes the excuse that he is sick and wears a mask. He is trying to keep her from getting too close to his face as she normally does on a regular basis. The entire day, he keeps avoiding her until she gets injured during the sports class. Komura takes her to the infirmary, where she expresses her desire to have a closer look at his face at least once whenever she forgets her glasses. He cannot muster the courage to say no to her and also learns that she feels bad that he was spending too much time with Someya-san. 

Is Komura Special to Mie-san?

Just before the school’s cultural festival, the students are tasked to make preparations for the big day by staying longer at the school. Komura and his classmates are also part of the event. Interestingly, Komura really likes participating in such activities where he can contribute in some manner. Mie-san’s presence also makes the work a bit more than it actually is. As he is busy doing his work one day, Mie-san approaches him on the pretext of helping him out. She has been doing newspaper decorations until now and wants to do something for Komura as well.

When Komura never really gives her any task, she picks a poster he has made to glue it with a black sheet. But because of her poor eyesight, she appears to do a terrible job. After she leaves, Komura finds a note written by her on the back of the poster asking him to take some rest. It appears that she is really concerned for him. Later that afternoon, Komura is walking in the hallway when Mie-san appears next to him. It turns out that Mie-san wants to have a closer look at Komura’s face as they had previously discussed. Therefore, they go into the art room. But Komura feels a bit uncomfortable as the room is quite dark and no one is there.

Furthermore, as Mie-san gets closer to him, Komura realizes that the lights are off. He fears that if someone walks in, they will definitely assume the worst. But Mie-san shows little to no concern and continues to get closer to him. She holds his face near hers and stares right at him. Komura is so overwhelmed that he can barely keep his eyes open. After he while, the duo return to the class. One of the students noticed the black marks on Komura’s face. 

Exactly at that moment, Mie-san’s friend tells her to wash her hands as they are all black because of working on the newspaper earlier. While no one really manages to connect the dots, the events of the day do obviously point to the fact that Komura is quite special to Mie-san and she probably likes him. Although she has yet to verbally express her feelings, it appears that it is just a matter of time before that eventually happens. 

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