The Greatest Hits: What Happens to Disco The Dog?

Ned Benson’s ‘The Greatest Hits,’ a Hulu rom-com centered around the unique love and nostalgia present within music, brings a love story between two people— Harriet and David— who remain colored with grief. However, Harriet’s grief over her boyfriend’s passing takes a peculiar form as it transports the girl into a moment in the past— literally— whenever she hears certain songs that remind her of her lost love, Max. As a result, even two years after Max’s death, Harriet finds herself unable to move on while living with an impossible condition. That is— until David, a charming guy sporting easy chemistry with the woman, comes along and offers Harriet a chance at new beginnings.

Yet, even as Harriet’s relationship with David blossoms, Max and his memory remain in her peripheral vision— with his dog, Disco, exacerbating the same. Therefore, as the plot progresses, leading Harriet to make certain choices that change her life forever, viewers can’t help but wonder where it lands her inherited pawed pal, Disco. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Disco in the Aftermath of Harriet’s Decisions

Disco, the dog, originally belonged to Max, Harriet’s boyfriend, until the two moved in together and started caring for the pet together. As such, after a car accident leads to Max’s passing, his girlfriend ends up inheriting the dog, along with every other item that belonged to Max. The woman is also left with bittersweet memories of the life she built with Max before it was taken away from her. Worse yet, her uncontrollable ability to travel to the past and relive moments with her dead boyfriend further prevents her from moving on. As a result, Disco and Harriet become each others’ sole companions on most days, with the latter shutting everyone out of her life— save for her best friend, Morris.

Eventually, David’s arrival into Harriet’s life promises the start of something new despite the numerous hurdles standing in their way. Eventually, Harriet even shares the reality of her condition with David, who remains skeptical in believing the woman can actually time travel. Nonetheless, Harriet finds a way to prove that her reaction to certain songs isn’t simple pass-out spells but rather actual periods of time in which she travels to the past. Even though the truth presents many complications, it helps the couple grow closer, instilling deeper trust in each other.

However, despite starting a relationship with David, Harriet still isn’t free of her abilities. Therefore, as a particularly unfortunate karaoke session triggers one of Harriet’s memories, the woman startles in her surprise and ends up tripping on furniture as her mind travels back in time. As a result, she ends up in a coma. Afterward, as Harriet awakens, she realizes she can’t continue living with her time-traveling abilities that feel more like a curse. After all, no matter what she does in the past, she can’t prevent Max’s story from unfolding in the way it’s bound to.

For the same reason, Harriet settles on a drastic measure— and decides to use her abilities to change her own actions so that she would never pursue a relationship with Max. Consequently, Max and Harriet never end up dating, altering the entire course of their lives. In this new timeline, just as Max’s life remains unentangled from Harriet’s— so does Disco’s. Nevertheless, Disco leaves an imprint on Harriet in one way or the other— as proven by the woman’s inclination toward adopting a dog on her own. Moreover, when the two accidentally cross paths in a coffee shop, Harriet naturally moves to pet him, signaling a part of her may still subconsciously remember the dog. Ultimately, as the film ends, Disco is back with his original owner.

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