The Hook Up Plan Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

Netflix’s comedy series ‘The Hook Up Plan’ centers around Elsa, who tries to get over her ex-boyfriend for two years. Seeing Elsa’s sorry state of affairs, her best friends, Charlotte and Émilie, hire an escort to date her. The French series progresses through the hysterical predicaments that ensue in the life of Elsa, who falls in love with the escort Julio.

Created by Noémie Saglio, Julien Teisseire, and Chris Lang, the show originally released on December 7, 2018. Even though the series was only moderately appreciated by the critics, the interesting performances and heart-warming narrative of the show helped garner a commendable fanbase. After three charming seasons, admirers of the show must be looking forward to the fourth installment. On that note, let us share the updates!

The Hook Up Plan Season 4 Release Date

‘The Hook Up Plan’ season 3 premiered in its entirety on January 1, 2022, on Netflix. The third season comprises eight episodes with a runtime of 24-29 minutes each.

With regard to the fourth iteration of the show, we have disappointing news. In December 2020, Netflix renewed ‘The Hook Up Plan’ for its third and final run. The streaming giant didn’t reveal the reason behind the series coming to an end. However, we believe that the creators and Netflix executives might have come to an inference that the narrative of the series reached a natural conclusion with the end of season 3.

The third season of the show ends with Elsa finally setting up a family with Julio and her son. She shares her joy and contentment with her friends, who accompany her through thick and thin. With Émilie, she recollects meeting Julio for the first time and the events that follow. After reminiscing about the past, Elsa walks into the engaging world of motherhood. Taking into consideration the completion of Elsa’s story arc, it is unlikely that ‘The Hook Up Plan’ season 4 will ever get made.

Unlike the first two seasons, the show’s third installment follows Elsa, Julio, and their friends as they mature, with the storyline focusing on the themes of pregnancy and family. According to Marc Ruchmann, who portrays Julio, the shift in tone is intentional. In an interview given in December 2021, the actor said that the final season approaches the narrative with seriousness, setting the stage for the completion of characters’ story arcs.

With the show’s conclusion, the journey of the endearing cast also comes to an end. For Ruchmann, the experience of wrapping the filming of season 3 was nothing but strange. He also added that his time on the show led him to become friends with other cast members. And he was optimistic that everyone would meet again. Over the three seasons, the captivating chemistry between the performers has played a pivotal part in the show’s success. But the ardent admirers of the show will have to be satisfied with just three installments. of the show.

Even though a fourth round of ‘The Hook Up Plan’ seems improbable, fans can still cherish the delightful lives of Elsa and her friends on Netflix by watching the three seasons all over again. As Elsa gladly embarks on a new journey as a mother, we can bid adieu to her with equal joy.

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