The Kissing Booth Recap and Ending, Explained

Elle and Lee were born on the same day. Their mothers had been best friends, due to which, they, too, developed a close friendship. In their sibling-like relationship, they created a set of ground rules that both of them would have to follow for the rest of their lives. The most important of these rules is to not date each other’s relatives. Lee’s elder brother, Noah, especially is off-limits. Despite this fact, Elle develops a crush on Noah. And that’s what leads to all the trouble. Here’s all you need to know about ‘The Kissing Booth’ before watching the sequel.

The Kissing Booth Recap

The main story picks up with the first day of school where Elle is forced to wear a very short skirt due to both of her pants inaccessible at the time. Apart from being stared at by everyone, she is inappropriately touched by a boy named Tuppen, which leads to a fight between him and Lee, and Noah comes in between them. It is revealed that Noah has a short-temper and a disturbing knack for getting into fights. His violent behavior has been a cause for concern for a long time.

Tuppen eventually apologizes to Elle and asks her out. She says yes, but he never shows up on the date. He later tells her that it was Noah who told him to not date her. In fact, he has been keeping boys away from her for a while. This leads to an argument between her and Noah.

The Fundraiser and the Kissing Booth

At the school, Elle and Lee propose to set up a kissing booth for the fundraiser. They request the most popular girls in school to volunteer for the booth, who agree on the condition that Noah would volunteer too. Even though Noah refuses to do so, Elle tells everyone that he is going to be there. However, on the day of the fundraiser, Noah doesn’t show up and angered by this, the girls decide to send Elle out when they see an unattractive boy approaching for the next kiss. Blindfolded, Elle goes out, but just then, Noah cuts in the line and kisses her.

Elle tells Lee that Noah kissed her on the booth but assures him that it meant nothing to her and that it was simply for charity. While wrapping up the booth, at the end of the fundraiser, she sees Noah with someone else and is angered by it. It starts to rain while she walks home. Noah runs after her and they take shelter in a park. There, Noah tells Elle that he really loves her and that she is not just another sexual conquest of his, as she had previously thought. They kiss again, but when a guard shows up and tells Noah to stop bringing girls there, she is angered again.

Things heat up again at a beach party, and Noah gets into another fight because of Elle. She calms him down and they drive around the city, eventually ending up at the Hollywood sign. Once again, they express their feelings for each other and decide to keep it a secret from Lee. For the next couple of months, they keep seeing each other in secret. Elle also discovers that Noah has been accepted into Harvard, but he asks her not to tell it to anyone.

One day, while fixing Noah’s bike, Elle falls and cuts her face. Lee walks in on them while Noah is tending to her cut. He accuses him of hurting her, which leads to a fight between them. Things get worse when later Lee sees them kissing and realizes that they had been lying to him all along. He breaks his friendship with Elle, and she, in turn, breaks up with Noah.

After Elle’s repeated efforts to patch up with Lee, he finally relents and they reconcile. They go together to the prom, along with Lee’s girlfriend, Rachel. In the exhibition of the moments that changed the year, they find a replica of the kissing booth. This is where Noah comes out and professes her love for Elle, but she rebuffs him because she doesn’t want her friendship with Lee to be affected.

The Ending

Despite leaving behind Noah, Elle can’t get him out of her mind. At her and Lee’s birthday party, she breaks down and tells him that he can’t choose who she loves. And that if he cannot accept her relationship with Noah, he should not be a part of her life anymore. Lee finally realizes that he is responsible for Elle’s unhappiness and decides to help her find Noah, who has already left for the airport to go to Harvard. In the car, Elle tells Lee all about her feelings for Noah, and it later turns out that it was Noah who had been sitting in the car with her.

The couple spends the following week together and Noah eventually leaves for college. Elle worries if their relationship will survive for long. No matter what the future brings for her, she knows that she will always have a place in her heart for Noah. This foreshadows the plot for the sequel where their relationship stands the test of distance and time.

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