The Last Kingdom Filming Locations

The Last Kingdom‘ is a historical television series filled with epic battles and stunning visuals. The BBC/Netflix co-production (Netflix became the sole producer after the third season) is set in the late 9th Century A.D. when England was divided into seven different kingdoms. The story follows Uhtred, a young Saxon successor who is captured by the Danes as a child. When he becomes an adult, he finds his loyalties being tested by his captors.

Where is The Last Kingdom Season 4 Filmed?

‘The Last Kingdom’ has often been compared to ‘Game of Thrones‘ due to its high production value and an extravagant depiction of epic battles. The story takes place in 9th Century A.D. when England was divided into seven different kingdoms. Given how exuberant almost every frame looks, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the show was filmed. This article will highlight where the fourth season was filmed first, followed by the filming locations of the previous seasons.

The fourth season of the series has mostly been filmed in Hungary, like the rest of the show. Filming for ‘The Last Kingdom’ is mostly carried out just outside Budapest on a set that sprawls over 8 acres. This set is owned by Korda Studios. The site has a man-made lake where some (not all) scenes near the sea are filmed. To be more specific, this set is located in Göböljárás in Fejer county. Have a look at the following Instagram post which includes photos from the set:

Apart from the above, the cast members have also shared a horde of behind-the-scenes photos, which confirm that filming for the fourth season was also carried out near Budapest, Hungary. For instance, the actor Magnus Bruun shared the following photo after shooting for the season had finished:

He had also shared several other pictures while filming. Have a look:

Bruun is not the only one who shared photos when filming was going on.

Apart from Budapest, a few other posts by Bruun have also revealed another filming location: Pest County in Hungary (Páty and Sóskút, to be specific). From the first post, it appears as if a battle scene had been filmed in Páty. Have a look:

Furthermore, Mark Rowley also shared how filming was carried out in the kingdom of Wessex and how the crew won free tickets to a festival. Those who have watched ‘The Last Kingdom’ would instantly know that he was joking (Wessex was a kingdom in southern England).

Other seasons

Most of the filming for ‘The Last Kingdom’ is carried out in the Korda Studios set in Hungary. The massive property gives the filmmakers the opportunity to effortlessly film scenes set in diverse locations in the same place. Furthermore, the facility has medieval village sets that can be easily modified to suit the requirements of ‘The Last Kingdom.’ However, the Korda Studios set is not the only place where ‘The Last Kingdom’ has been filmed.

For instance, a battle scene had been filmed at Bamburgh Golf Club on 40 The Wynding, Bamburgh, United Kingdom. Apart from that, several major coastal scenes in the television series are filmed in the United Kingdom since Hungary is a landlocked country. Several scenes in the first season had been filmed in North Wales. Apart from that, coastal scenes in the other seasons were mostly filmed in Durham County. For instance, the scene where (SPOILER) Uhtred is sold into slavery was filmed at Nose’s Point in Seaham.

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