The Lolita Express: What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Plane?

Netflix’s ‘Scoop’ follows the efforts of BBC producers and journalists to secure an exclusive interview with Prince Andrew, especially after his connection with Jeffery Epstein comes to light, with Epstein already having a reputation for being a convicted sex offender. Holding the prince accountable for his friendship, which is a questionable action on his part, the production showcases the journalists putting him under the spotlight and asking him the tough questions they knew they would never have the opportunity to ask again. Several things about Epstein’s crimes come to light as they prepare for the interview. In between this, the Lolita Express, Epstein’s infamous jet, which is alleged to have hosted people like Prince Andrew and former US Presidents, is also mentioned.

The Lolita Express is Slated for Demolition

Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727, which was allegedly used for sex trafficking and transporting victims from one location to another, will be, as reported in January 2024, scrapped for parts. The plane had been sold in March 2020 to World Aviation Services, a Florida-based company, for an undisclosed amount. Reportedly, the owner of the company didn’t know about the plane’s use in Epstein’s crimes at the time, which he felt was deliberately kept a secret during the sale. When he tried to back out of the deal following the revelation, his hands were tied due to the nature of the contract, and he had no option but to buy it. He later sued Epstein’s estate for committing fraud by “failing to disclose a material fact that could not have been known through any amount of due diligence” by the buyer.

Image Credit: Instagram/The Sun

While it was hoped to have been a profit-turning deal for the company, the plane’s connection to Epstein made it a rather hopeless endeavor. The owner, Thomas Huff, a pilot who owns a charter plane business in Georgia, said that at this time, it would cost more to restore the plane. It would be better to take apart the plane as it has “a lot of stuff in there that you can’t find in the market anymore — avionics, landing gear, windows, flaps.”

Called “Lolita Express” for the disturbing crimes of sexual nature that took place on it, the plane was described to have “deluxe furnishings” with a galley, a circular-shaped cabin lounge, and a master bedroom that had a queen-sized bed, along with a sitting area and an integrated shower. Reportedly, the floors on the plane were padded to facilitate having sex mid-flight. The plane also had “custom shades behind tinted glass,” among other things.

The plane’s call sign was N908JE, and it flew for the last time on July 11, 2016, from Palm Beach International Airport to Brunswick Golden Isles Airport in Georgia. The plane’s three engines were taken off and sold soon after, and it remained parked near Stambaugh Aviation’s maintenance hangar, racking up around $1000 a month as storage charges. Furthermore, it has remained unregistered since 2019, which bars it from being flown legally. Considering its bad reputation and how no one would buy it off the hands of its current owner, it makes sense for them to strip the whole thing and sell it for parts, making whatever money that they can, and close its chapter permanently.

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