The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 1, 2 and 3 Recap: Fire Tragedy, Alice’s Comatose Struggle

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Based on the book of the same name by Holly Ringland, Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ follows the story of a young girl who goes through a tumultuous series of events marked by trauma and violence. The first three episodes set the grounds for Alice’s story by showing us her childhood, in which she suffers physical abuse from her father, and the transition to her grandmother’s house, which provides a haven for the women seeking to escape violence from their partners. In starting her life anew, Alice also discovers many things about her parents, which had been a secret from her for such a long time. Here’s a look at the events of the three episodes and what the ending spells for Alice and her family. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 1, 2, and 3 Recap

Image Credits: Hugh Stewart/ Prime Video

Alice Hart lives in a seaside house with her parents, Clem and Agnes. They live in the wilderness, isolated from the rest of the town. At first glance, they look like a happy family. But soon, it turns out that Clem is physically abusive to Alice as well as his pregnant wife. One day, Alice ventures into the town alone and ends up at a library, where the librarian, Sally, recognizes her. She notices the bruises on her arms and alerts her husband, John, who is a police officer.

A few days later, a fire engulfs the Hart house. Agnes and Alice are found beaten to a pulp; Clem dies in the fire. Alice falls into a coma, and Agnes dies after giving birth to her premature son, whose chances of survival are slim to none. Sally, who lost her daughter some time ago, wants to adopt Alice. But then June, the girl’s grandmother, arrives. Despite being unsure about taking Alice with her, June takes the girl under her wing and takes her to Thornfield, the farm where she grows flowers, among other things.

Image Credits: Hugh Stewart/ Prime Video

Thornfield is a safe space where women arrive seeking help, often finding refuge from their abusive partners. June runs the place with Twig, with all women lending a helping hand on the farm. At first, Alice is scared, and her PTSD kicks in whenever she makes a mistake. However, she starts to ease in with the place and the people. Following the fire, she lost her voice, and June promised to tell her everything about her parents (which she initially tried to keep a secret) if she got her voice back.

Meanwhile, Sally discovers that Agnes named her as her children’s guardian in case June could not play that role. It comes as a surprise to Sally’s husband, who wonders why Agnes would do it when she barely knew Sally. Later, however, it turns out that Sally had an affair with Clem a long time ago. When she found out he was married, she broke things off and soon after met John. This is also when she got pregnant but didn’t realize it was Clem’s child, not John’s. She found this years later when their daughter was diagnosed with the terminal disease that eventually claimed her life. This was when she came in touch with Agnes.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 3 Ending: Why did Clem and Agnes Leave Thornfield?

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When Alice comes to Thornfield, she is given her mother’s room. Seeing the things in the place, especially the flowers, Alice wonders if her mother lived there too. June says Agnes never came to Thornfield. Previously, when John asked June if she knew Agnes, she said she’d never met her. However, Alice finds a book in which her father wrote a note to her mother, confirming that Agnes not only lived at Thornfield but she was also like the daughter June never had.

Sometime later, when Alice gets her voice back, June comes through with her promise and tells her the truth. Agnes was left by someone at Thornfield, and she grew up there. She and Clem fell in love, and it was all good until Clem started talking about his share in Thornfield. He wanted the farm for himself, but June refused. According to the family’s traditions, it had to go to a woman, never a man. Angered by this, Clem ran away from Thornfield and took Agnes with him.

When Alice asks if June knew about Clem’s violent side, she says she didn’t. June suspected that there was a darker side to her son. She tried to find him and Agnes when they ran away, but Clem ensured they were never found. He told June about Alice’s birth by sending her a wood carving of the baby with her name on it. June laments her inability to help Agnes and Alice and wishes she’d been there to stop her son. She promises to keep Alice safe from now on, and the girl is satisfied with the answers. However, this is not the end of it. A passing glance between June and Twig reveals that there is more to the story, and June decides to tell the rest of it to Alice when she’s grown up.

Will June Give Agnes’s Son to John and Sally?

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When Clem and Agnes left, June had no communication with them except when Clem told her about Alice. She thought they had just one child and wasn’t sure about bringing her to Thornfield. Then she discovers that Agnes is pregnant and her child had immature delivery. The doctor told her that the chances of the boy’s survival were near zero, so June focused on Alice. She had to fight with a persistent Sally, who had her heart set on being in Alice’s life. So, when June discovers that Agnes’s son has survived, she calls Sally’s husband, John. Does this mean she will give the boy to them?

While June is not opposed to bringing boys into Thornfield, she worries that bringing Clem’s son there would be repeating history. There is a lot that we don’t know about Clem’s childhood yet, and June mentioned that she saw glimpses of darkness inside him as a child. She believed he got it from his father, whose identity is not revealed yet. Could it be that this will continue with Clem’s son? Will he, too, have the darkness his father and grandfather have? And if so, would it be wise to bring him to Thornfield and risk repeating the same things that happened with Clem.

Seeing how June was initially ready to leave Alice in Sally’s care, it’s not surprising that she would turn to them during this time. She knows how much Sally wanted Alice, especially after she found out about Agnes’ will. The will is another thing that makes the case of Clem’s son an easier thing to handle. This way, Sally will get the child she wanted, honor Agnes’ wishes, and ensure Thornfield’s future is not jeopardized.

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