The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fourth episode of Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ takes a time jump of fourteen years, introducing a 20-something Alice who discovers that her grandmother is much more conniving than she believed. By the end of the third episode, Alice accepts her grandmother’s farm as her home. She finds a new family for herself, and even though she misses her mother, she feels close to her in the house where Agnes grew up. June kept this a secret from her, but when she finally came clean, Alice forgave her and moved on.

In the fourth episode, Alice realizes that June never stopped keeping secrets from her. Her grandmother took things a step further, which became the last straw for her. She leaves Thornfield, not knowing where she is going and what she’s going to do. It leads her on a new path, but wherever she goes, she will take her trauma and troubles with her. Here’s what the events of this episode spell for Alice. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4 Recap

Image Credit: Hugh Stewart/Prime Video

Alice storms out of Thornfield after discovering that her grandmother ruined her chance of having a life with Oggi, her childhood friend with whom she’d fallen in love. They planned to leave Thornfield and go somewhere else. When June found out about it, she emailed Oggi as Alice and told him things would not work out between them. Alice, meanwhile, is brokenhearted when Oggi doesn’t show up at their spot. She thinks he has abandoned her.

Years later, Alice gets a letter from Oggi and is shocked to discover what really happened back then. It turns out that Oggi had been writing to her all along, but June hid all of his letters. Realizing that June would never let go of her or let her live the life she wants, Alice leaves. She drives around the country until she finds a town called Agnes Bluff. She takes it as a sign and decides to stop there. She stays in a hotel and explores the town, and meets two men, Moss and Dylan.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4 Ending

While Alice is out and about, exploring the world on her own, things unravel in Thornfield, where more of June’s secrets come to light. When June found out about Clem, Agnes, and Alice, she wasn’t very keen on bringing her son’s children to the farm. With both Clem and Agnes dead, she had no choice but to bring in their daughter. At the same time, their prematurely born son was on the verge of dying. The doctors believed he wouldn’t survive, so June told everyone he was dead.

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Alice blamed herself for the death of her family. She was the one to light the fire that consumed their house and killed her father, whose brutality led to the death of her mother and unborn son. All these years, Alice harbored the guilt of destroying her family, especially about her brother’s death, whom she never got to meet. June knew about this, but she never told Alice that her brother made it. The doctors saved him, and instead of bringing him to Thornfield, June gave him to Sally and John Morgan.

The Morgans didn’t keep any secrets from their son. They told him about the adoption and the fact that he had a sister. He wrote letters to Alice over the years, but she never got them because June kept them away. For June, keeping Charlie away from Thornfield was important because she didn’t know how Clem’s son would turn out. Would he have the same darkness his father and his grandfather had? Would he be as violent as them? June didn’t want to find out and decided that no one else needed it either.

While her reasons made sense to her, they are not accepted by anyone else, not even Twig. Having lived with June all these years, Twig knew she kept secrets from others. However, being her partner, Twig thought June wouldn’t keep any secrets from her. This is why she is shocked when she realizes that Alice’s brother is alive, and not only did June keep the siblings apart, but she also kept it a secret from everyone on the farm.

Twig lost her children’s custody years ago, but she was content to know that they were together. She felt that Alice and Charlie should’ve had the same, especially considering Alice blamed herself for everything. No matter what June says, Twig cannot find a reason to forgive her this time. Had the Morgans wanted to keep Charlie away, it might have made sense. But they did everything to bring Alice and Charlie together, and June stopped them every step of the way. Done with June’s secrets and her belief that she can do anything to anyone in the name of protecting them, Twig decides to leave her as well.

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Meanwhile, Alice is completely unaware of this new development, which would only make her hater her grandmother even more. She will stumble upon this eventually, but for now, she is in Agnes Bluff, getting the taste of a different kind of life. She meets Moss, a veterinarian, and they start dating each other. However, Alice feels more attracted to Dylan. Nothing happens between them in this episode, but the way they keep stealing glances, it’s clear that they are bound to end up with each other eventually.

It is also clear that Alice is done with her relationship with Moss, brief as it might have been. She didn’t feel drawn to him the way she did to Dylan, but she decided to give it a chance, especially because she was trying to get over Oggi, who, she knew, was living his life somewhere else with someone else. In the end, however, when she gets the chance to travel with him to the crater, she lies to him and his friend so she doesn’t have to go with him. She did it because she wanted to be there alone, to feel close to her mother.

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