The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ begins a new chapter in the life of Alice as she settles in the town of Agnes Bluff. In the previous episode, she left Thornfield after getting frustrated with her grandmother’s habit of keeping secrets. Little does she know that what she discovered doesn’t even begin to cut it. June has spent her entire life keeping secrets from the people close to her, and finally, all this secrecy is catching up with her. She has to pay the price by losing everyone she loves. In this episode, more of her secrets unravel. The people who love her start to question her judgment and whether they were right in trusting her all these years. Here’s what the ending means for Alice, June, and other flowers. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode, Alice took a tour of the national park and felt connected to her mother amongst the flowers. It is natural then that she takes a job at the park and proves herself adept at the job by displaying her extensive knowledge about flowers, which she learned at Thornfield. It is also revealed that Alice broke up with Moss because, even though he was nice, she didn’t feel the spark with him, not like she feels with Dylan. When Lulu sees Alice and Dylan getting close to each other, she warns Alice about Dylan being careful because he can be a lot.

Twig leaves Thornfield to meet Charlie and find Alice. She asks Candy to join her, but the latter decides to stay back, which is a pleasant surprise for June, whose cancer has reached its worst state and will claim her life soon enough. June doesn’t tell anyone about it and tells everyone at Thornfield that her cancer has subsided and she is out of danger.

Twig arrives at Sally’s house and meets Charlie. She discovers that Charlie got a letter from Alice, saying she doesn’t want to be in contact with him anymore. Twig reveals that June sent those letters, and Alice has no idea Charlie exists. Sally tells Twig about the report from the crime scene all those years ago, which reveals the truth behind the fire and the death of Alice’s parents. June never read those files, which means she doesn’t know what really happened that day, and neither does Alice, who still holds herself responsible for her parent’s death.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 5 Ending

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With John’s help, Twig discovers that Alice has camped out in Agnes Bluff. She decides to go there, get Alice, and tell her everything about Charlie and every other secret June kept from her. Meanwhile, Alice is entirely unaware of all that’s happened in Thornfield. She is busy building a life for herself in Agnes Bluff. The job comes with its perks, which give Alice a place to call home. At the housewarming party, she invites Dylan, and it ends with them getting together. While Alice is happy to finally have found someone she can rely on, she is a little disconcerted by Lulu’s reaction. She realizes that it’s because Lulu and Dylan dated each other.

At Thornfield, Candy confronts June about the past, especially what happened between her and Clem. In the flashbacks, it is revealed that Clem and Candy fell in love with each other while at Thornfield. At that time, Candy was only 13, while Clem was already an adult. June disapproved of their relationship, so they met secretly. One day, June caught them having sex. Clem tried to convince June of his feelings for Candy, that he cared for her, and they wanted to be each other. June said that Candy was too young to know better, and Clem took advantage of her and raped her.

As punishment, June sends Candy away while Clem remains at Thornfield. This is when Agnes arrives. While June is against Clem being with Candy, she encourages his relationship with Agnes. Later, she confesses to Candy that she sent her away to keep Candy safe. She pushed Clem and Agnes together because Agnes was older and needed love. On the other hand, Candy was still a child and wouldn’t have survived with Clem. June and Candy make peace with each other, and June decides not to keep any secrets anymore. Candy tells her that Alice is in Agnes Bluff and Twig is going there to get her.

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Meanwhile, Alice’s relationship with Dylan deepens, despite Lulu’s warning. He takes her to a secret place where they watch fireflies, and Alice asks him if he brought Lulu there. The question enrages Dylan, and he walks away in anger, leaving Alice behind. She waits for him for a while, but he doesn’t arrive until the night has fallen. The next morning, he confesses that he did bring Lulu here and that they were together. However, he says that things weren’t like they were with Alice.

Dylan says that he has never felt the way he feels about Alice and wants to be with her. He claims that she has now seen the worst side of her, asking her to reveal her worst side to him. Alice says he won’t see her the same way if she confesses the worst thing she’s done. However, when he insists, she tells him how she used to imagine setting her father on fire and how one day, she did. She tells Dylan how her father used to her and her mother and that she lit the house on fire because she wanted to save her mother, who was pregnant.

Dylan sympathizes with Alice and assures her that nothing like that will ever happen to her. He comforts her, saying that things will be better now. However, one cannot shake Lulu’s warning. What happened between her and Dylan, and why did she warn Alice? Could Alice have landed in the same trap her mother did? Could it be that in escaping her grandmother, Alice ended up with a man like her father? Has she really seen Dylan’s worst side, or is the worst yet to come?

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