The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Following the story of pain, heartbreak, and violence, Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ opens a new chapter in the life of its protagonist. The penultimate episode brings Alice on the same path her mother once treaded, giving her a glimpse into what her mother must have felt while living with her abusive husband while also urging her to change the story, lest things end up exactly where she left them all those years ago. This episode is emotionally gut-wrenching and makes Alice reconsider her journey outside of Thornfield. By the end of the episode, she has to make a choice where none of the options are what she wants. She’ll have to choose the least bad one. What will she do? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6 Recap

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June’s health worsens, and Candy becomes worried about her. She wants to call Twig, but June wants her to focus on finding Alice. June says that Twig will come home when she wants to and goes about her daily business. However, she is not how she used to be. The cancer has started to take its toll on her. Candy asks her to use morphine for pain, but June wants to be in control of her senses. She tries to write letters, but when Candy points out that her writing is illegible, June realizes how worse she is and finally dials down and gets the medication.

June also starts to open up to Candy, especially after their argument in the previous episode. The confrontation, which was a long time coming, melts June’s hardened heart, and she expresses her love for Candy. We see her becoming more open about her feelings in this episode, especially when she tells Candy about Roberta Baron, the woman she loved. She also talks about being raped by three men near the pond on the property, which led to Clem’s conception.

In Agnes Bluff, Alice is so completely invested in her relationship with Dylan that she doesn’t realize he is holding her back. Lulu invites Alice to a party, mentioning how they never see each other anymore. Alice is excited to go, but Dylan doesn’t seem intent on it. When Alice wears a dress Lulu gave her for the party, Dylan chastises her for dressing “slutty”. This sudden change in his tone leads Alice to give up on the party she wants to attend.

The next day, Dylan tries to make up for keeping Alice at home and gives her a necklace. Things get better between them. Around the same time, Twig comes to Agnes Bluff and starts putting up fliers about “missing Alice.” When she comes to the national park, Alice spots her and hides. She later calls Twig and tells her to stay away and not try to contact her because she has life in Agnes Bluff now. Alice says she is happy and in love, but that changes the very next day.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 6 Ending: Will Alice Leave Dylan? Will She Go Back to Thornfield?

Image Credit: Glendyn Ivin/ Prime Video

At the beginning of the episode, Dylan asks Alice why her mother didn’t run away if Clem was hurting them so much. Alice mentions that one time, a police officer came to their house, and Agnes hid Alice’s scars. Dylan wonders why Agnes didn’t come out to the police officer. She could have saved herself if she did that. This makes Alice think about all the times her mother said they would run away but didn’t. The conversation impacts her so much that she puts away the locket with her mother’s picture, one she always wore. Later, that necklace is replaced by the one Dylan gives her.

In Dylan, Alice thought she’d found someone who could understand her, someone she didn’t have to hide from. She doesn’t talk about what happened with her parents with anyone but talks about everything with Dylan. She even tells him about how she feels guilty for their deaths. In the last episode, he assured her she didn’t have to worry about anything anymore because he was with her. In this episode, things take a turn for the worse, and Dylan becomes the very person Alice and Agnes had tried to run away from.

It starts with the small things. Dylan doesn’t like them going to parties; he doesn’t approve of the way she dresses. Initially, his anger is repressed, and he sticks to making hurtful comments, making Alice feel guilty because it’s something she has done, not him. Then the anger progresses to becoming physical. When she returns from a walk, he accuses her of going out with someone else and throws her on the floor. Later, he apologizes, claiming he loves her so much that he worries about losing her. What if she goes on one of those walks and meets someone else like she met him? What if she falls in love with them and leaves him?

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Alice tries to be understanding. She tries to see things from his point of view and forgives him. But then, he sees her hugging one of her coworkers, not knowing that she was being comforted after almost breaking down at the job, which was dangerous as is. This man was no stranger, but a friend, whom Dylan knew very well. However, when Alice comes home, he loses his mind and bursts at her with all his might. He slaps and kicks her, and Alice sees the image of her father, from whom she used to hide under the sheets whenever he got angry.

Alice has been through this before, and this isn’t something she wants for herself. She fights back. She injures Dylan enough to get to her car and drive back home. She locks down the place, but Dylan follows her and demands to be let him. Alice knows better than to let him in and be at the receiving end of his anger. But a voice inside her head tells her to open the door. This voice sounds and looks like her mother, a scared woman who just wants things to calm down, who doesn’t want to trigger him so much that he might end up doing something worse than he already has. Despite all this, Alice takes hold of a knife and hides behind a couch, trying to shut out the voice and Dylan.

Alice knows the cycle of violence and forgiveness. She saw it happen with Agnes and Clem, and now, the same thing is about to be repeated with her and Dylan. Alice said all the good bits in her were from her mother, but she also grew up different from Alice. While she is in an impossible situation, one can only hope that Alice finds the help she needs and leaves behind Dylan to live a better life somewhere else with someone else.

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