The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Finale Ending: Does Alice Come Back to Thornfield?

Based on the book of the same name, Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ comes to an end with the seventh chapter in the story of Alice Hart. After many ups and downs and secrets and lies and heartbreaks, Alice finally has the truth and the purpose she was looking for. It picks up from the last episode, where Dylan showed his true colors and physically abused Alice. It was a shock to her to see him turn so violent, but in some ways, it was not a surprise. The question for Alice now is to decide what her next step would be. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 7 Recap

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Having run away from Dylan, Alice spends the entire night locked inside her house, holding onto a knife in case Dylan finds a way in and attacks her again. In the morning, when there is a knock at the door, it is Lulu, not Dylan. Lulu is shocked to see Alice, who tries to assure her that it’s not too bad and that she will talk with Dylan and work things out. However, Lulu stops her, takes a few pictures of her, and asks Alice to look at herself. When she sees her battered self, she remembers how bad it had been the previous night.

Alice tries to report Dylan to her superiors but discovers he has already turned the narrative in his favor. He has painted Alice as an aggressive person with a violent past, claiming that she attacked him and not the other way around. Things get worse when Alice gets angry at one of the tourists at the park and attacks them for picking flowers. She runs away and finds Dylan talking with his friends about how she was the crazy one.

Heartbroken, Alice calls Twig. She talks to June and asks to be taken back home. On the way back, June tells her about Charlie. This frustrates her even more because just when she’d thought about going back to Thornfield and believing that she would be safe with her grandmother, June once again proves that she has lied to Alice all her life. Alice meets Charlie and Sally and decides to stay with them rather than return to Thornfield.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Ending: Thornfield is Passed on to Alice

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Meeting the brother she thought was dead is a turning point in Alice’s life, and she doesn’t feel so alone anymore. June’s lies distanced Alice from her and Thornfield, so instead of going back to them, she decides to stay with Charlie and make up for lost time. She also discovers that she isn’t responsible for her parents’ death. On the day of the fire, Clem had almost killed Alice. The other times, he would stop short of it, but this time, it looked like he would follow through with the act.

To stop him, Agnes hits him in the head several times. She had already planned to leave him and run away with Alice to Thornfield. She was trying to find the timing and courage to do so. When Clem hurts Alice, Agnes decides to end it once and for all. She burns Clem and sets the house on fire but is unable to get out in time and suffers from severe smoke inhalation, and later, she dies after giving birth to Charlie.

June’s condition worsens, and all of her attempts to try and talk with Alice are rebuffed. Sally asks Alice to reconsider her decision, but she never pushes her to go to Thornfield. In between this, Alice gets texts from Dylan, who wants to start fresh and be together again. After ignoring him for a while, Alice texts him back. Another day, Sally finds her looking at Dylan’s pictures. She apologizes for intruding but asks Alice not to think about Dylan and go back to him as it would mess with her mind and wouldn’t be safe for her. Alice assures her that she won’t do it but is not quite sure herself.

At Thornfield, a bedridden June remembers her son and how he almost killed her when she told him that he wouldn’t inherit Thornfield and asks him if he would tell Agnes about how he raped Candy. After this, Clem runs away, though June tries to stop him from taking Agnes. She is also happy about Alice reuniting with her brother, and while Alice has not been talking to her, she is convinced that Alice will return and take the reins of Thornfield. When she dies, Alice comes back to Thornfield, this time to stay.

Will Alice Take Action Against Dylan?

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No matter how much June loved Alice, she sheltered the girl too much. She never trusted Alice or anyone else with her secrets, which distanced them from June. In the end, she comes clean about everything, and after her death, she leaves letters for Alice, Twig, and Candy, explaining the reasons behind her actions. To Alice, she leaves a book she’d been compiling since she took over Thornfield. The book contains the stories of all the women who have come and gone through Thornfield.

All these stories, including June’s, are about the things that these women went through and persevered. Some survived and led a good life, while others weren’t so lucky. June calls the ones who didn’t make it “the lost flowers.” She wants Alice to know these stories, all the flowers find strength in helping them, and use her voice to stand for them, just like June did all these years. She asks Alice not to sit silently and let the men who perpetrate violence get away with it so easily. She mentions Dylan, probably to drive home the point and make Alice throw all thoughts of going back to him and submitting to a life she doesn’t deserve.

In the end, Alice, Twig, Candy, and the others place flowers on the tree Clem had carved. The shed is also the place where he raped Candy. June kept it as a reminder of her son, but with her gone, she didn’t want to leave behind Clem’s imprint there. Following her last wish, the barn is set on fire, but it’s more about cleansing than destruction. The fire is a sign for Alice to start anew and carry on June’s work in Thornfield. In this scene, we see Alice’s expressions change. She seems more confident and self-assured, a purpose to set her mind upon.

Does this mean that Alice will press charges on Dylan and make him pay for what he did to her? It’s unclear what, if at all, will Alice do about it, but one thing is clear. She will continue her grandmother’s work and protect every flower that comes to Thornfield. June used to put herself in harm’s way, often getting assaulted so that the men would be put behind bars and not come back to the women she was trying to protect. Alice might not take the same approach. She might resort to other ways that were not at June’s disposal, but she will do whatever it takes to stop the cycle of abuse and help every woman who comes to Thornfield. She might not think about Dylan anymore, but should he resurface, we believe that Alice will not let him get away with it this time.

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