The Lovestruck High Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Prime Video’s ‘Lovestruck High’ is an exciting dating reality show that determines if a group of singles from the United Kingdom can find love while in an authentic American high school setting. At ‘Lovestruck High,’ participants are expected to go through the same experiences as an American high schooler and at the same time, have a primary assignment of finding an ideal partner for the end of year prom. However, as the prom king and queen stand to receive a significant prize money, contestants stepping out of line are likely to face expulsion.

‘Lovestruck High’ season 1 struck a chord with fans as it offered a healthy dose of steamy romance and high-octane drama along with a sprinkle of heartwarming friendship. Besides, it was also quite exciting to spot the rom-com like troupes borrowed from popular American high school movies. Nevertheless, with the cameras now turned away, fans are curious to know where the cast is at present. Well, we come bearing answers!

Where Is KT Franklin Now?

KT ended the show while still in a relationship with Max O’Dwyer, and it seems like the two are still going strong. Being a content creator from Milton Keynes, KT settled back into her profession after filming wrapped and even runs a successful YouTube channel. Interestingly, while on the show, she met her ex, Alexis Andre Jr., and the two are good friends at present.

Where Is Megan Vail Now?

A professional dancer from Cambridge, Megan pursued a relationship with Adam while on ‘Lovestruck High.’ Although the two ended the show on a positive note, it seems like they have broken up after filming. At present, Megan seems to be enjoying life away from cameras and is invested in her profession as a dancer. Moreover, she also maintains a friendly relationship with most of her co-contestants.

Where Is Junaid Ahmed Now?

Junaid is a social media influencer from Essex who failed to find his perfect match while on the show. Hence, he and Theo decided to accompany each other to the end-of-year prom as friends. From the looks of it, being on the show helped Junaid make several friendships, which he has maintained to this day. Moreover, he keeps himself busy with several social media-based brand deals at present.

Where Is Yasmine Rabeea Morsi Now?

Yasmine ended the show while still in a relationship with Alexis, but current circumstances indicate that the two might have gone their separate ways. Although Yasmine earns a living as a London-based model, she recently enjoyed a trip to Paris and has been living a happy, independent life. Moreover, her time on the show also earned her a special friend in Junaid, as she shared a picture of them spending time together post-filming.

Where Is Jess Doolan Now?

Jess and Kyle were one of the most adorable couples on the show, and they even ended up winning the whole show. Moreover, from the looks of it, the couple stayed together post-filming and is still going strong. A fashion creative based out of London, Jess fell back into her daily life since filming wrapped. However, she did have a blast at the ‘Lovestruck High’ launch party and maintains a friendly bond with most of her co-contestants.

Where Is Geoff Cheung Now?

While on the show, Geoff pursued a relationship with Chante, but circumstances drove the two apart. Shortly after, Chante got an opportunity to expel the events trader from Sandy, Bedfordshire, and she did so without much thought. From the looks of it, Geoff has returned to his everyday life, although he maintains a solid bond with a few of his co-contestants. Moreover, he also appeared to be in a rebound relationship around January 2022.

Where Is Jody Williams Now?

Jody ended the show while in a relationship with Beth, and from the looks of it, the couple is still together. Moreover, she also developed a wonderful friendship with Dan Elward and mentioned that their connection would last a lifetime. At present, Jody seems to be busy in her profession as a Bolton-based Salon owner. She is also pretty friendly with most of the ‘Lovestruck High’ cast, but her bond with Dan has remained special.

Where Is Huss Zalzale  Now?

Although Huss put in his hundred percent while on the show, he failed to find an ideal partner throughout his time on ‘Lovestruck High.’ Ultimately his talent show performance with Geoff was judged as the worst, and the pair was chosen to be expelled by Chante and Sin. Although Huss found himself in several feuds while on the show, none of them lasted post-filming, as he is on really good terms with the rest of the cast. However, the London-based postman has maintained a special bond with Geoff and seems to be enjoying life at present.

Where Is Alex Dean Now?

The first contestant to be expelled from ‘Lovestruck High,’ Alex sought a relationship with Megan but ultimately failed. Although Alex hails from Coventry, he is currently based in Fulham, where he earns a living as an accountant. From the looks of it, Alex still appears to be single, but his time on ‘Lovestruck High’ left him with several friendships to cherish for a lifetime.

Where Is Dan Elward Now?

Dan and Basit’s relationship saw several ups and downs while on the show, and at one time, the two even had a massive altercation. However, they ended the season together and appear to have made their relationship work post-filming. At present, Dan, a factory worker from Bridgend, has returned to his daily life and is taking a break from the cameras. However, he is on excellent terms with his co-contestants and even shares a special bond with his “best-friend,” Jody.

Where Is Basit Eniafe Now?

While on the show, Basit pursued a relationship with Dan Elward, but the two soon found themselves embroiled in a massive altercation that divided the whole group. Nevertheless, they managed to get back together and are seemingly going strong to this day. At present, Basit is based out of London, where he earns a living as a model and musician. Besides, he seems to be leading a happy and independent life and is fast friends with most of his ‘Lovestruck High’ co-contestants.

Where Is Charlie Curtis Now?

Charlie was one of the few contestants who failed to find a love interest during their time on ‘Lovestruck High.’ Although she seemed pretty interested in Beth, the latter was quick to take to Jody, and Charlie got expelled shortly after. While the lack of a romantic partner is evident from her recent social media posts, Charlie seems to be leading a happy life and is on friendly terms with most of the cast. Besides, she is currently based out of Surrey and is employed as a property manager.

Where Is Max O’Dwyer Now?

By the time filming wrapped, Max was dating KT, and the two seemed to be in it for the long run. Although they have been quite private, current developments indicate that the couple is still together. At present, Max resides in Brentwood, Essex, where he is employed as a personal trainer. Besides, he appeared to have enjoyed his time on ‘Lovestruck High,’ as it left him with several friendships to look forward to.

Where Is Theo McDermott Now?

Like Junaid, Theo could not find an ideal partner in time for the end-of-year prom. Hence, they accompanied each other to the event as friends. Once filming wrapped, Theo and Junaid managed to keep their special bond alive and are fast friends to this day. Moreover, although his Instagram bio describes him as a comedian, Theo is currently based out of Bristol, where he is employed as a model agent.

Where Is Chante Andrews Now?

Although Chante appeared on the show as a straight person and sought a relationship with Geoff, it did not work out. Eventually, she began developing feelings for Sin while practicing with her for a talent show, and the couple still appears to be together. Apart from leading an independent life and enjoying her time away from cameras, Chante is now employed as a GP secretary, based out of London. Moreover, she is also on amicable terms with a lot of her co-contestants and seemingly had a wonderful time while filming.

Where Is Adam Jordan Now?

Once Adam was introduced on the show, he had eyes only for Megan, and the two ended the season on a high. However, as things currently stand, the two appear to have gone their separate ways after filming. At present, apart from living a wonderful life and indulging in his love for football, Adam earns a living as a car salesman based out of Norwich.

Where Is Sinae “Sin” Prendergast Now?

Initially, Sin was quite unlucky when it came to love, but her luck changed once she and Chante began building an excellent relationship. Interestingly, the couple still appears to be together, although it is unclear if Chante introduced Sin to her parents. Nevertheless, Sin currently resides in West London, where she is employed as a Security officer.

Where Is Alexis Andre Jr. Now?

Alexis ended the show while still in a relationship with Yasmine, although the two have seemingly broken up since then. At present, Alexis seems to be leading an independent life and is quite content in his present situation. Moreover, he has been focusing all his attention on furthering his football career and currently plays as a goalkeeper for Dover Athletic.

Where is Kyle Coleman Now?

Kyle and Jess built up a heartwarming relationship while on the show and generally stayed away from all kinds of drama and altercations. Fans would also be delighted to know that the couple still appears to be together and is likely to stand the test of time. Kyle is currently based out of Oxfordshire and earns a living as a musician and gardener. Besides, he has also listed himself on social media as a drummer for hire and seems to be enjoying the best days of his life.

Where Is Beth Stamford Now?

Although Beth was one of the last contestants to arrive on the show, she struck up an adorable relationship with Jody and has seemingly continued it to this very day. Currently based out of Surrey, Beth is an extreme sports enthusiast, but she did not reveal many details about her profession. Still, from the looks of it, Beth had a blast while on the sets of ‘Lovestruck High,’ and made several lifelong friendships to cherish.

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