The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: The Testi-Roastial


In its sixth episode, the final season of Prime Video’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ establishes the legend of Susie Myerson. It was revealed in a previous episode that Midge and Susie’s careers took off, with the latter getting the most high-profile clients in the business and becoming a force to be reckoned with. This episode turns the spotlight toward her career, giving us a glimpse into the rise of her illustrious career through the stories that have been told about her over the years. The episode ends on a high note for her, concluding one of the biggest questions of the season 6. Here’s what it means. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

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In 1990, a testi-roastial is arranged to celebrate the life and career of Susie Myerson. She is a huge deal in the business now, revered for her work ethic, tenacity, and dedication towards her clients, and a bit loathed for her devil-may-care attitude that has left many people with bones to pick. No matter what their thoughts about Susie, no one can ignore the legend she has become.

One of the most famous stories about her is of the day of the triple crown when Susie made three big deals during a golf session. Of these, one was for a project that didn’t exist until Susie started to pitch it and ran for seven years. Then there are the stories about how she got all of Harry Drake’s clients once he died, how she got rid of George from The Gordon Ford Show to make way for her friend, Mike Carr, and how she has been involved with the mob that owes a favor or two to her.

None of these stories, however, have been as mysterious as the question of why Susie Myerson and Midge Maisel broke up after all these years of trudging along together to become the success they are now. Questions are raised about what may or may not have happened, but two things are confirmed in all the stories told about Susie. One, she is an unstoppable force who will do whatever it takes to get the deal she wants. Two, her relationship with Midge Maisel is more than what she has with other clients. Susie loves Midge and will do whatever it takes to get her what she wants.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Episode 6 Ending: Do Midge and Susie Patch Up?

Image Credit: Philippe Antonello/Prime Video

After half a season of wondering what made Susie and Midge break their twenty-five-year-long friendship, we finally get answers in the “testi-roastial” of Susie Myerson. As expected, it had to do with Susie’s involvement with the mob, how she’d let Frankie and Nicky in on the cut from whatever Midge would make. It wasn’t that Midge didn’t know about this, but Susie said they’d be even if Midge did the garbage gig, then they’d be even. Susie really believed it until it was pointed out to her that the favors would never end. Frankie and Nicky owned her business, and so they owned Midge.

When Joel found out about it, he knew he had to do something to get Midge out of the situation. Susie had proved how careless she could be when it came to financial prospects, how she lost Midge’s hard-earned money. He also knew that Midge would remain in the dark until it all came crashing down on her. Knowing what was going to happen someday, he couldn’t let it happen. So, he offered himself up in her place.

The deal was made in the early 60s when Joel approached Frankie and Nicky one Christmas. This was around the time he was buying a new place for his club, following the success of the one he owned in Chinatown. Having him on the roll would prove much more useful to them than making money off of Midge’s earnings. He made a compelling case for it, and the mob agreed.

Image Credit: Philippe Antonello/Prime Video

For years, Joel did illegal stuff for them. He racketeered, committed wire fraud, and laundered money, but it wasn’t until 1985 that the FBI caught up with the mob and him. When things started to get dicey, Joel knew there was no getting out for him, so he went down without a fight. However, he did leave a letter detailing everything for Midge and protected people like Archie, to whom he’d always been loyal.

Joel’s deal got Midge out of the control of the mob, but Susie and the rest of her clients remained involved with them. When Joel went to prison, Midge learned everything and ended the professional and personal relationship with Susie. All ties were cut between them, and things got so heated that they would refrain from publicly taking each other’s names. The people around them were advised to do the same.

The feud continued for five years when the whole business became aware of it, but no one knew what exactly happened between them. By now, both Susie and Midge had become the stuff of the legend, and there were theories about what might have happened to break a partnership as great as theirs. Whatever might have happened, everyone knew that Susie always had a soft spot for Midge, and she would always go above and beyond to take care of her. It turns out, despite her anger towards Susie, Midge, too, loves her.

At the end of Susie’s testi-roastial, a tape recording of Midge is placed in which she talks about Susie’s impact on her life and career and the good old days they spent together. She ends her message with a call for a truce. She invites Susie to meet her at neutral turf and see where things go from there. She is open to becoming friends again, and Susie doesn’t hesitate for a moment before jumping at the chance to reconnect with her friend. It looks like Midge and Susie will figure things out and patch up again, ending their much-publicized feud.

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