Where is the Set of The Masked Singer Located?

Amidst the growing number of clichéd reality television series, ‘The Masked Singer’ offers a zany breath of fresh air! The idiosyncratic reality show features some fascinating costumes and a visually appeasing set. ‘The Masked Singer’ is an adaptation of a South Korean television show and airs on Fox. The show’s format is quite unique and fun. A bunch of celebrities square off against each other in a singing competition over the course of multiple episodes. The catch? Their identities are concealed under elaborately designed masks and costumes.

In the beginning, the celebrities are pitted in one-on-one face-offs with another celeb contestant. Through a system of voting by the panelists and audience, one of the paired celebrities gets eliminated and is forced to reveal their identity. Before that, the panelists get to ask one question each to the singer, in order to guess their identity.

The show has become extremely popular for its engaging format and the heavy but intricate costumes worn by the celebrities. A few examples of the costumes that audiences can see in the 2020 season include ones made to resemble a banana, a taco, a llama and many more!

The Masked Singer Filming Location

‘The Masked Singer’ is a reality show whose basic premise is a singing competition. The show takes place at a visually spectacular stage where the artists perform. The set’s structure looks like that of any other competition reality show: there is the performance stage itself, opposite which is the judges’ bench situated in the middle of the studio audience.

Many of you might be wondering where the show’s set is actually located and how filming for the reality television series takes place. Continue reading for the answers.

CBS Television City, Los Angeles

‘The Masked Singer’ is shot entirely inside a stage at CBS Television City on 7800 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The production facility is another CBS studio in Southern California apart from CBS Studio Center in San Fernando Valley.

The soundstage where ‘The Masked Singer’ is shot is also where ‘American Idol’ is filmed: stage 46. Fans are allowed to register beforehand as members of the studio audience if they wish to watch the show being filmed. However, the security procedures can be quite stringent.

For starters, all members of the audience are made to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA before being allowed to enter the stage. This is commonplace for filming since the producers want to avoid instances of the show being spoiled before being aired. For a show like ‘The Masked Singer,’ this is especially important since the revelation of the identities of the masked celebrities forms a large part of the series’ appeal.

To keep such sensitive information hidden, celebrities are escorted on and off-stage in their masks and robes to avoid anyone figuring out their identity beforehand. The Masked Singer Australia takes the secrecy measures one step further. According to local sources, the audience is disallowed from using their phones while filming. This rule is implemented with the usage of special magnetic phone covers in which the audiences are asked to put their phones.

Moving on, the audience is made to sit on seats as opposed to having them stand, like what ‘American Idol’ does. Filming a single episode takes several hours. Moreover, the judges’ bench is slightly divorced from the audience. Their bench is slightly elevated on a platform, maintaining a healthy amount of distance between them and the audience.

During breaks, the studio ensures that the audience stays engaged. Audience shoots take place while breaks are going on and tiny competitions are also organised. For instance, singing and dancing competitions between audience members is something that the show carries out while filming ‘The Masked Singer.’ The winner reportedly gets the modest prize of a $5 Starbucks gift card. Worth it, wouldn’t you say?

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