The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 3: Which Couples Are Still Together?

The third season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’, which aired in 2010, saw the return of Patti Stanger and her team. Traipsing across Los Angeles, they worked together with singles and helped them find people they would want to go on a date with. With Patti’s wedding planning going on the side, she was able to unite many of them with partners and was appreciated for her intuition and guidance in helping them find potential love interests. Fans saw many of the millionaires going on further dates so it will be interesting to see if the relationships lasted or not.

Nick and Dakota have Parted Ways

Nick Friedman revealed that he had come to the series only because of his friend Omar. Both of them are founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk and wanted to look beyond their professional lives and find meaningful connections. While Omar didn’t go all out as he planned a not-so-fun date with his date, Nick decided to take Dakota to the Hollywood sign and the two of them spent much of their time taking pictures of each other and being free.

Given their genuine bonding, they went on a few more dates, but it never evolved into anything serious. Nick and Dakota decided to go their separate ways as both of their jobs required them to travel constantly. It was difficult for them to keep in touch. A while later, Nick found his perfect match in Jen Love. The two tied the knot in 2013 and the couple even has four kids together.

Tyler and Taylor are Not Together Anymore

Tyler Barnett was 25 years old when he appeared on the season. Initially, he was apprehensive about what Patti and her team might offer him. As the owner of a PR firm, many thought he was there for his personal and professional interests as he would get a chance to advertise his business on TV, but when he met Taylor, he felt there was a natural connection. He took her on a dinner date, and they even kissed at the end of the episode.

Tyler revealed that he was very nervous as kissing his date in front of the camera was a little awkward, but once the cameras turned off, a lot of the pressure was taken off him. They dated for about 3 months and Tyler said that he did actually fall in love with her and was officially her boyfriend for those months. For reasons unknown, their relationship did not last long. Tyler eventually married Jenna and the couple has two beautiful daughters together, Nora and Lucy.

It Did Not Work Out for Smike and Chad

Smike Wallen, the investor and real estate expert, came to Patti with an open mind and was ready to follow her advice. Looking at the eagerness with which Smike was ready to find himself a partner, Patti introduced him to a bunch of people and he chose to go on a date with Chad. The two had a lot of fun and hiked along the shore. It gave them a chance to see each other vulnerable and also open up to each other.

Smike revealed that he was very grateful to Patti for introducing him to Chad, and it was on her advice that he decided to stay back in LA for the next four months and explore the relationship further. He said that he not only hung out with Chad but also with the other guys who he met through the series and all of them got together to watch the episode that they were featured in. Smike and Chad dated for a few months and then the relationship reached a natural conclusion. Smike is currently focused on his work but is glad to have found a good friend in Chad.

Jimmy and Whitney Decided Not to Take it Further

Jimmy D’Ambrosio AKA Jimmy D returned to the third season after appearing on the second season of the series as well. Patti was not very sure if he had changed his ways, but then-32, Jimmy was looking to find himself a serious woman. However, after the mixer, Jimmy chose Angel, and on their date, she proceeded to get drunk, win a poker game, and then disappear so she can puke. Patti gave Jimmy another chance, and this time, he chose Whitney and the two of them had a good time together and even arranged for a second date.

Jimmy and Whitney did not continue to meet for a long time and it seemed like their priorities and their lives were very different. They have led different lives since then; while Jimmy has been concentrating on his career and education, not much is known about Whitney as she keeps a low profile.

Things Fizzled Out Between Trevor and Heidi

Trevor Jones told Patti’s team that he was a conservative Christian. While Patti was apprehensive about taking him on as a client, in just one meeting, she was convinced that he was a good man looking to find a partner. She told him to broaden his horizons, and very soon, Trevor chose to go on a date with Heidi. He arranged for a very romantic date, took her to a flower ranch and even called her to visit him in Indiana.

It is not known how long Trevor and Heidi dated each other, but they did not continue to meet each other for a long time. Trevor reappeared on the series for a second time in 2015 and did not have much luck then too. In 2018, he married Cherrie and they had a daughter in 2012. However, just six months after his daughter’s birth, Trevor passed away because of Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Heidi has kept away from the public eye but we hope that she has found whatever she was looking for in life.

Ayinde and Joslyn are No Longer in a Relationship

Patti immediately liked Ayinde Alakoye as he was one of the most desirable bachelors, and she knew it would be easy to find a partner for him. She helped him hone his skills a little more and got him in touch with a spiritual psychotherapist who helped him identify his commitment issues. Ayinde was ready for all feedback, and even though he had a little trouble deciding who he wanted to take with him on the master date, he finally settled on Joslyn. He planned a helicopter ride for a date with her and found that there was actual chemistry that he was willing to explore.

Ayinde shared that he met Joslyn a couple of more times after their episode was aired but they could not take it to the next level and build a serious relationship. However, Ayinde shared that being on the episode was one of the best experiences of his life and he was glad he got to meet Joslyn through it. Ayinde is currently a committed professional and is accumulating accolades one after the other.

Zagros and Susan are Not a Couple

This was Zagros Bigvand’s second time on the series, and he was not one of Patti’s favorite clients. He had broken one of her major rules about sleeping with his date in the first meeting arranged by Patti. After he assured her that he was a changed man and would not mess it up again, Patti arranged for him to meet two girls, out of whom he chose Susan. The two of them had a great time on their gym date, and Susan agreed to go with him on another date by the end of the episode.

Things did not go long for Susan and Zagros, and they eventually lost touch. Neither of them shared any reason for the departure, and it seems like Susan does not like sharing about her personal life. Zagros, too, does not seem to be dating anyone at the moment but is thriving professionally.

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