The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 4: Which Couples Are Still Together?

The fourth season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’, which premiered on October 19, 2010, was fanciful and entertaining in all the way it had been previously. Matchmaker Patti Stanger came to New York at the behest of her fans to take on the millionaires of the city and bring them the love that they wanted. Even though it was a challenging experience, Patti and her team managed to pull together an entertaining season and were able to find partners for their clients that they genuinely built a relationship with and it went beyond the first date that Patti arranged. After all these years, everyone would be curious to know if those relationships and dates manifested into something else.

Chris and Nikki Decided to Part Ways

Christopher Manzo was not looking to find a partner that he would marry, but he was looking to find someone he would build a genuine connection with. The then-20-year-old was in search of someone he could imagine having a long-term relationship with, and from the moment he saw Nikki, he knew that she was the one for him. He was very open and truthful to Nikki, and the two had a very exciting and fun date wherein they had a medieval dining experience. Even though the clothes were itchy, the chemistry between them was not.

After going on a few dates, it does not seem like Christopher and Nikki have stayed together till now. Christopher came to the eighth season of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ in 2015 again; it did not work out for him the second time as well. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in town and does not seem to be close to getting married anytime soon. Along with working at the BLK, Chris is a children’s book author now. If he is looking for a partner, we hope he finds one soon.

Cindy and Mike Ended Their Relationship

When Cindy appeared in the series, she was looking to find her “Prince Charming.” Patti wanted to help her as Cindy had been heartbroken when she went through a divorce. Patti was successful in setting her up with Mike, who was the owner of a security company. The two of them had an instant connection. He took Cindy to a park in a chariot and had arranged for a string quartet to play to her while they sipped Cindy’s favorite wine, followed by a very romantic dinner. Mike had swept Cindy off her feet and the two decided to go on a second date after the episode concluded.

Cindy and Mike seemed to be going strong for a couple of months after their exit from the show. They even did an interview in which they said that they were planning to go into business together and that they had become very good friends. However, it does not appear that over the years Cindy and Mike have stayed together. As of writing, Cindy is working as a model and producer. On the other hand, Mike, who is not a part of her social life, is still working at his security company.

The Romantic Connection Between PJ and Amy Fizzled Out

PJ Marks was on a long vacation in the Bahamas when he met the real estate broker Amy through her friend, Patti. At the time, Patti had broken some of her rules and set up both of them together. The entrepreneur overcame a lot of his vulnerabilities, and the two had an amazing date as they wakeboarded through the Hamptons. A few months after filming concluded, PJ said plainly that he had a great time with Amy even though he did not expect to find anyone through it.

PJ said that their chemistry was great, but Amy was not “the one” for him. He also shared that the problem with it was that no one finds love when they are actively looking for it and while he and Amy had a good time together, both of them could not see their soul mates in each other. PJ is focusing on his business currently and has become an investor and not much is known about Amy.

Jordan and Bernadette are No More a Couple

Jordan, who was 31 when he appeared in the series, was genuinely looking for a connection, but the main hindrance was that he was diagnosed with ADD and had trouble focusing. This made the women he was seeing think he was disinterested and Patti helped him by finding him a therapist. As Jordan left for his first date with Bernadette, he was advised to leave his phone behind. When he did as directed, he found himself engaging in conversations with Bernadette as they flew to a wine-tasting event. The two were planning their second date as the episode concluded.

While it may have been a good start for Jordan, it did not last with Bernadette. According to reports, they dated for about 2 months before going their separate ways. Jordan married Sue in 2016 and has built a fulfilling life with her; the two of them have two kids together. Bernadette, on the other hand, leads a private life, and there is not much about her in the public domain.

The Relationship Between Andrea and Carlos Was Short-Lived

Andrea had a long list of prerequisites that she wanted to meet when she met Patti, who made her understand it was not the way to find a partner in the real world. She then introduced Andrea to a bunch of eligible bachelors at the party mixer. Andrea chose to go on a date with Carlos and made a meal for him. The two had an intimate dinner together, during which they got a chance to connect on a deeper level. By the end of the episode, Andrea said that she could see herself going on another date with him, and Carlos was equally enthusiastic.

There have been no further updates on the relationship between Andrea and Carlos, but it does not seem like they are in a relationship together. Andrea’s catering company has propelled her to great heights as she is embarking on exciting new ventures every day and has started her own company named Elegant Affairs. With a single-minded focus on her career, Andrea seems to be thriving, and we hope Carlos is too.

Judith and John Have Gone Their Separate Ways

The famous Judith Regan did not have many hopes as she agreed to appear in the fourth season of the series for her friend, Patti. However, she did give it an honest shot and finalized on going on a date with John McCleen, a comedian. For their first date, John took her to a Museum of Sex and it became one of the funniest times on TV. Their date was followed up by a much more serious and intimate dinner and one could see the glimpses of an honest bonding being formed.

A few months after the episode aired, John made a live tweet in which he said that he was still looking for someone else to date, so it does not seem like their relationship went beyond a couple of dates. Meanwhile, Regan, the owner of Regan Arts and a mother of two, has not kept in touch with John. Given her successful and ever-flourishing career and fulfilled life, it seems like she has not emerged daunted or hurt from the interactions.

John and Dana are Not Together Anymore

John came to Patti as he had not been successful in finding a good partner for himself and wanted to try something new. He did not have any shallow aspirations. When he met Dana, he knew her values and moral standpoints were quite close to what he stood for, so he chose to take her on the first date. The two went horseback riding and were very comfortable with each other and had a good time. John and Dana told Patti they would want to go on more dates together to explore their connection.

Image Credit: John Bongiorno/Facebook

John revealed that he found a good friend in Dana, but they did not build a relationship or fall in love. He was happy with his experience and was glad he could meet a woman like Dana. Even though it was not a romantic connection, John expressed he had found someone he could be friends with. As of writing, it seems like both of them have kept a low profile. Well, we hope that they have found happiness in their ways.

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