The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Cory Prepares For Sale

In the third season of Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show,’ the UBA is rocked by a hack that leaks their personal data on the internet. The third episode sees Cory attempting to capitalize on the network’s misfortune and controversies by paving the way for a deal to sell the UBA. However, the network’s leadership is questioned when another scathing leak is uncovered. If you are wondering how the new scandal affects Cory’s plans to sell the UBA, here is a recap and answers about the ending of ‘The Morning Show‘ season 3, episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘White Noise,’ opens with Mia following her routine of sleeping in the office and being the first person to work. During the morning news, rival news networks cover the vast email leaks from the UBA hacks. Cory receives a file of several emails that have created a liability for the company. One of the emails is particularly interesting to Cory, which he plans to use to further his agenda. Meanwhile, the leak of Paul Marks’ interest in buying the UBA boosts the company’s stock price. Marks calls Cory, and the latter agrees to sell at the price previously offered by Marks.

The Morning Show is quickly regaining the number spot and sees a boost in ratings following the hacking. However, the TMS staff is stunned to learn that a racist comment by board member Cybil Richards leaked on the internet. In the mail, Cybil refers to the company’s new hire, Christine Hunter, as “Aunt Jemima,” which is racially offensive. While the comment hurts Christine, Stella tries to get ahead of the situation. Cory meets Christine to discuss the situation, and Stella and Mia discover the true extent of the email, which devalues the company’s employees based on race. Cory convinces Christine not to sue the UBA over the comments, which Christine seemingly accepts.

Cybil meets Alex and demands an opportunity to provide clarification as she is on the verge of being canceled. As a result, Cybil convinces Alex to interview her on Alex Unfiltered. Later, Alex, Chip, and Stella convince Cory that interviewing Cybil will help the UBA save face in public over accusations of systematic racism. However, Cory hesitates to approve the interview as it directly affects his plan to remove Cybil from the board chair and get the board’s approval for selling the UBA to Marks. Later, Stella calls out Cory for his corporate games.

TMS staff discovers emails about the payment structure and the racial minorities are paid comparatively less than their white peers, which creates frustration and fury among them. Mia addresses the situation by holding an open meeting with Stella’s help. However, the conversation goes sideways, frustrating Mia. Stella learns that Mia has been coupled up in the office, and the women go out for drinks to help Mia blow off some steam. Meanwhile, Alex visits Christine at her house and offers the latter a chance to interview Cybil on TMS. Cory reluctantly agrees to interview after Christine is on board with the idea.

Alex prepares Cybil for her big interview. However, Cybil fears going on TMS and believes that the general public has already given a verdict about her. However, Alex encourages Cybil to go on broadcast and apologize for her comment. Cybil and Christine meet during the interview, and Cybil publically apologizes for her hurtful and racist comment. However, Christine takes the opportunity to point out the systematic devaluing and discrimination within the UBA, which catches Cybil off guard, forcing her into making more distasteful comments. Elsewhere, Cory meets board member Leonard, who, although skeptical of Cory, agrees to support the sale to Marks if Cory can deal with Cybil and secure the support of other board members.

The Morning Show Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: Does Cory Sell the UBA?

Ultimately, Cory’s bet on using the email seemingly works in his favor. After the email leak, Cybil is accused of being a racist, and the interview with Christine strips away any sympathy left for her. The interview forces Cybil into a corner despite her stature within the UBA and overall command over the board. As a result, she becomes more of a liability to the UBA and denotes the network’s missteps in creating a healthy workplace environment. Therefore, with overwhelming votes, Cybil is voted out from her chair during the board meeting. Consequently, Cory’s path to sell the UBA is cleared, and the board also approves the deal with Marks.

In the episode’s final moments, Cory chases down Marks and offers to seal the deal now that he has the board’s support. However, Marks reveals he is no longer interested in the UBA. Marks wanted to buy a legacy media company, but the hacks, the leaks, and Cybil’s public fall from grace have destroyed the UBA’s legacy. As a result, Marks no longer sees the UBA as an option and seemingly backs out of the deal. While Marks’ comments seem definitive, it is unlikely that he will give up on buying the UBA entirely. It is like one of Marks’s negotiation tactics, as he might be trying to drive the network’s price down. Given the employee disregard at the UBA, it is evident that the network desperately needs new leadership. The UBA has also reclaimed the number 1 spot, making it difficult for Marks to disregard the UBA as an option.

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