The Murder Mystery Co. on Shark Tank: A Unique Concept For Parties

Are you looking to make your party more interesting and inclusive of everyone present? While there have been many options at your disposal to do so over the years — be it in the form of a magician, a comedian, or some team games — not many are as immersive as what The Murder Mystery Company brings to the table — an interactive clue-style murder mystery experience. Such a game is perfect for different kinds of events, including holiday parties, fundraisers, birthday parties, corporate events, and more. In the 18th episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season 15, The Murder Mystery Company showcased their desire to become the first choice for all events.

The Murder Mystery Co: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

From birth, Scott Cramton had a cleft palate, for which he underwent years of different surgeries and speech therapy. Despite all the progress he showed, his speech therapist told him that he could do anything but become an actor or public speaker. But his determination to become an actor was apparently more powerful than his speech impediment. In an interview with Medium, he elaborated on it further. He said, “I didn’t like that. I wanted more. I wanted to be an actor — I wanted to have a part. But how lucky do you have to be to get a part? How many people have too many responsibilities to follow their dreams? How many people aren’t lucky enough to be a part of the theater?”

“That is where I got the idea: Create a theater company where the experience is immersive and everyone gets to be a part of something,” Scott said. “Now, not everyone can be a character. We’ve tried that and it’s too complex and it takes too much time, but we give people an opportunity they otherwise would not have had.” While he was a student of Bachelor of Science – Theater at Grand Valley State University, he founded the American Immersion Theater (AIT) in September 2002. Under this company, he introduced several passion projects, including The Murder Mystery Company (MMC), which took birth in 2002 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the early stages, The Murder Mystery Company was simply a performance company, and its booking, script writing, rehearsals, and auditions were held in the living room of a small apartment. During the early 2000s, MMC was a side project that got booked for one show every couple of months for 3-4 years. In 2006, Scott took on the role of a Salesman at Art Van Furniture and stayed employed with them for more than three years. While working full-time there, McDonald’s became his first corporate mystery client. After resigning, he became focused on the Murder Mystery Company and hired salespeople and a script editor for the first time in 2009. After the MMC exploded into the market, Scott and his employees moved out of his basement in 2012 and shifted to a small building with some flooding problems.

Then, after three years, in 2015, they moved into a newly designed building while establishing 26 troupes across the nation. Since 2009, the MMC has been performing a mystery show each year with the students of the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) program for the funding of the Anna Bonde Scholarship. As far as the experience is concerned, as part of the Murder Mystery party, several members of the team AKA actors and murder professionals arrive at the venue selected by the host and equip the guests with scripts related to their personality traits and motivations of their characters.

They continue to nudge and assist the characters as they interact with each other and try to spot the killer from the designated suspects. It is totally up to the guests to play their roles with intensity. The professionals are always available to help the guests if they get stuck while collecting evidence to piece together the identity of the perpetrator. Other members of the audience can also contribute to the mystery-solving activity as per their liking. Apart from providing entertainment and an immersive crime-solving experience, the party also provides the guests with an opportunity to bond with each other while enjoying a scrumptious meal, making the entire activity a wholesome adventure.

The Murder Mystery Co Update: Where Are They Now?

As of writing, The Murder Mystery Co. stands tall as the largest theatrical company in the country. What started as regular performances in local avenues has now reached over two dozen cities in the nation, setting a new standard for others who offer similar experiences. Each year, they approximately manage to conduct 7,500 successful shows spread across 60 locations, with the assistance of over 20 talented troupes comprising more than 2000 actors.

The company’s journey serves as a testament to the perseverance as well as the leadership of Scott and the contribution of the team members. From private gatherings to parties involving a large number of guests, the Murder Mystery experience caters to the needs and requirements of each and every one. For instance, they inject life and suspense through their interactive services in events such as birthday parties, dinner parties, and holiday parties.

The Murder Mystery Co. also makes dull affairs, such as fundraising events, intriguing. If your bucket list consists of hosting a murder mystery party for your friends or employees, you can enquire about these services on their official website. You also have the option to buy tickets to one of their themed dinner theater shows to get an idea about them. In case you are an actor looking to showcase your talents, you can even give an audition to become an integral part of their team. In all, The Murder Mystery Co. has something for everyone looking for a little bit if adventure.

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