The Organ Donor (2020): Everything We Know

Every Halloween, kids get ready to trick or treat while adults dress up for costume themed parties. However, between 2004 and 2010, and then once more in 2017, Halloween meant one more thing for adults: watching a ‘Saw’ movie. The horror franchise has given birth to eight films so far and the upcoming movie, ‘The Organ Donor’ directed Darren Lynna Bousman is slated to be its ninth installment.

The ‘Saw’ series is a horror franchise that focuses on the fictional, infamous “Jigsaw Killer” or John Kramer. What started out as a short movie by two aspiring students led to the first feature film in 2004 which ultimately gave rise to seven movies which were released every subsequent Halloween. Then, the series was continued with an eight installment in 2017 titled ‘Jigsaw.’ The ninth movie which will be released next year will reportedly serve as the reboot of the series.

The Organ Donor Plot: What is it About?

‘The Organ Donor’ is supposed to serve as a reboot of the series. Hence, it might not be strictly a continuation of the events that took place in the last movie. Although, there is a small chance that the series might head in that direction and depict a story that could restart the tale genuinely.

The previous movies witnessed the Jigsaw Killer targeting a new victim with each movie as the police and investigators try to find him. Moreover, they also featured snippets of his backstory which revealed how tough circumstances made him appreciate his life more. That led to him testing others’ will to live, believing that those who do not appreciate their life do not deserve to live. It is Kramer’s torture scenes that form a large chunk of the horror series’ appeal.

However, 2017’s ‘Jigsaw’ was a movie that portrayed events after Kramer’s death and was about Logan, Kramer’s first apprentice. It does not look like ‘The Organ Donor’ will be a direct sequel to ‘Jigsaw.’ It could be a remake of the series or a continuation of the first seven movies with a completely different direction. The title also suggests a new form of horror other than organ mutilation that the series has been iconic for.

The ‘Saw’ series is also known for pulling off shocking twists and turns and who knows? One can even expect Kramer to return! Sources also suggest that ‘The Organ Donor’ could be a buddy cop movie taking place in the same fictional universe as the ‘Saw’ series.

The Organ Donor Cast: Who is in it?

Surprisingly, it was the American comedian and actor, Chris Rock who provided a story idea for the ‘Organ Donor.’ He will also star in the movie as a character named Zeke. Rock became prominent after being a cast member on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ After that, he has appeared in some notable movies like ‘Down to Earth’ and ‘The Longest Yard.’ Moreover, he has also voiced the character of Marty on the ‘Madagascar’ film series.

Rock will be seen sharing screen space with the veteran actor, Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson is known for appearing in commercially successful movies and is also the highest grossing actor of all time. His most notable performance came in ‘Pulp Fiction’ for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Moreover, he plays Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has also appeared in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. Jackson will play a character named Marcus and it looks like the character might be Zeke’s partner in crime (solving).

The British actor, Max Minghela will also be a part of the movie’s cast and essay the role of a certain William Schenk. He is known for starring in ‘The Social Network’ apart from movies such as ‘The Internship’ and the television show, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

The American actress, Marisol Nichols will be playing a character named Captain Angie Garza. Nichols is widely regarded for her role of Nadia Yassir on the thriller series, ‘24’ and Hermione Lodge in ‘Riverdale.’

The Organ Donor Crew: Who is Behind it?

Darren Lynn Bousman will be returning to the ‘Saw’ franchise for ‘The Organ Donor.’ Bousman directed the second, third and fourth movies of the ‘Saw’ series and promises to be the ideal choice to helm ‘The Organ Donor.’ He is known for directing several horror movies like ‘The Barrens’ and ‘The Devil’s Carnival.’

Chris Rock wrote the movie’ story which was converted into a screenplay by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. Jordan Oram handled the cinematography duties while Dev Singh edited the movie. Twisted Pictures is the production company attached to ‘The Organ Donor’ while Lionsgate Films are distributing it.

The Organ Donor Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘The Organ Donor’ is scheduled to release on May 15, 2020. Like all the ‘Saw’ movies, this one was supposed to be released around Halloween next year too. However, in order to avoid competition with ‘Halloween Kills,’ the movie’s released date was pushed up. This will only serve to get ‘Saw’ fans more excited as they will get the opportunity to watch some disturbing gore and torture. One can expect a thrilling plot too, given the series’ earlier films.

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