Where Was The Perfect Date Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘The Perfect Date’ stars Noah Centineo in the role of a teenager named Brooks Rattigan. While his father wants him to go to the university that offers him a full scholarship, he dreams of going to Yale. When he discovers just how much he will have to pay for it, he decides to come up with something that helps him fill the gap. With the assistance of his friend, he creates an app that allows others to book a date with him where he can be whatever they want him to be. The story serves an interesting premise that leads the protagonist on a path to exploring his own character. Meanwhile, the movie also serves some pretty views of the city. If you want to know where ‘The Perfect Date’ was filmed, here’s the answer.

The Perfect Date Filming Locations

‘The Perfect Date’ follows the story of a teenager who lives in Connecticut with his father. He dreams of going to Yale, while his father wants him to attend the University of Connecticut. To make the money for paying the fees for Yale, he resorts to an app that allows him to make money by going on dates. As he drives around town, we visit several locations, but none of them are in Connecticut. The movie has, in fact, been filmed in New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana

While Brooks has eyes on the future and his dream college, he is still in school. The scenes regarding this arc of his story were filmed at Grace King High School in Metairie. He also attends the formal at Celia’s school, the filming of which took place at the Academy of the Sacred Heart at 4521 St Charles Ave. The Catholic school provided the exteriors for the location, but the interior scenes, where the actual dancing takes place, were filmed elsewhere. The Audubon Zoo Tea Room in the Audubon Park was used for this purpose. Another party scene, where Brooks and Celia break up, was filmed in the City Park Peristyle Pavilion.

The idea of creating a dating app to make money comes to Brooks when he gets paid to chaperone Celia to her school dance. They first meet each other at her house. The filming for this scene took place at 76 Audubon Boulevard. The pair drives around town a lot, where they also come across weird graffiti and great shops. These scenes were filmed in different places around the city, which include the Live Oak Café at 8140 Oak St., Glue Clothing Exchange, and the Bearcat Cafe at 2521 Jena Street in Freret, among others.

All the trouble that Brooks goes through in the film is for making enough money to pay his way to Yale. Celia helps him in securing a place there by arranging an interview for him. This allows him to visit his dream college and have a glimpse into the life that he wants. The filming for these scenes did not take place at Yale. The campus of the Tulane University of New Orleans was used for this purpose, while an interior scene was filmed at the Round Table Club building on St. Charles Avenue.

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