Where Is The Plagues of Breslau Filmed?

If you look at the most terrifying cases of serial killings in the history of the world, you will find that most of them took place in some of the most populated cities. Be it the terrorizing of London by Jack the Ripper or child murders in Atlanta, serial killers tend to turn cities into their playground to commit gruesome crimes. The city of Wroclaw in Poland also falls into the clutches of one such murderer, the case of which is explored in the Netflix film, ‘The Plagues of Breslau’.

Inspired from the details in the history of Poland, co-writer and director Patryk Vega brings a sinister story to light. Detective Helena Rus finds herself in the middle of this horrifying turn of events, trying to figure out what the killer actually wants and what his or her next target might be. Serving the thrill of a cat and mouse chase, the film also gives us a panoramic view of the Polish city.

The gruesome and bloody crime scenes are presented in sharp contrast to the beautiful locations of the film. It is a tact to show the audience that the serial killer chooses his locations as carefully as the victims. If you are wondering where these scenes were filmed and whether Breslau is really a place in Poland, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the places where ‘The Plagues of Breslau’ was filmed.

Where was The Plagues of Breslau Filmed?

A serial killer terrorizes a nice Polish city in the Netflix film, ‘The Plagues of Breslau’. The name Breslau is a thing of the past, which is probably why the filmmakers chose to go with it. The film connects the present-day killings with the treacherous past of the city. Breslau is now known as Wroclaw, one of the largest cities in Poland. The place has seen a lot of horrible things over the years, and the film brings a modern twist to it by toying with the details from the past. To capture this connection between past and present and to make it more personal for the city dwellers, the entire film was shot in the city and its neighboring locations. The primary filming location of ‘The Plagues of Breslau’ is Wroclaw.

Wroclaw, Poland

The story of ‘The Plagues of Breslau’ takes place in the city of Wroclaw. The story takes into account the history of the place, which is why it was found best to shoot the film in the city itself. A number of locations across Wroclaw have been used in the movie. The serial killer leaves a trail of bodies all around the city, which leads the cops, and hence, the audience to explore the best-known as well as the remotest parts of it.

One of the scenes in the film features the Rynek. It is a medieval market square in Wroclaw. It is one of the largest market squares in Europe and showcases an ensemble of different types of architecture. It suffered damage during the Second World War but was restored later.

One of the scenes in the films features a racecourse with thousands of spectators. The shooting for this took place in the Olympic Stadium when an actual speedway match was underway. The thousands of people in the crowd had been present when the crew was on it.

Other well-known places of Wroclaw to feature in various scenes in the movie are Partynice Racecourse and Dunikowskiego Boulevard, which is located between the Piaskowy and Pokoju bridges. The locations around the Zwierzyniec bridge with the Oder river in the background can also be seen in the movie.


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